[FINAL VERSION] How to Use A Cellphone Ring, How to Adjust the Position and Take It Off

Use Your Cellphone Ring Wisely

Do you want to try using a cellphone ring, but you don’t know what to do, and worry about if you place it in the wrong position? Here’s how to use, install, and remove a cellphone ring. One of the charms of a cellphone ring is that you can use it many times after removing it and attaching it again. Find your favorite cellphone ring and make your life more comfortable.

Three Ways to Use a Cellphone Ring

Many people think, “Cellphone ring is only for fall prevention.” In fact, there are other convenient ways to use a cellphone ring besides preventing a fall. First, let’s briefly introduce the use of cellphone ring.

  • Prevent from dropping with fingers
  • When you stand your cellphone up, it becomes a cellphone stand
  • If you attach special goods to your car, you can use the cellphone ring as a car stand

Let’s take a closer look at each use case.

Basic Cellphone Ring Usage: Drop Prevention

Cellphone rings were created to hold a cellphone firmly by sticking it on the back of a cellphone and passing your finger through it. Some people feel that putting it through their fingers not only prevents the cellphone from falling, but also improves the operability.

The basic uses are pretty obvious, but some people may not want to buy it because it looks a little boring. But if you’ve actually dropped your cellphone and broken it in the past, you’ll find it useful.

Also, some people have 2 or 3 on not only cellphones but also tablets such as iPad. Some people say that even when it comes to handling a tablet device that is larger than a cellphone, a cellphone offers outstanding stability, so they can’t let it go.

Useful: Stand Your Cellphone Up

One of the most useful uses of cellphone rings is a cellphone stand. You can see the screen of the cellphone well if you tilt it while you stand up your cellphone.

If you swipe a thick marker through a cellphone, it can stand almost vertically, and it can also be used as an instant tripod for taking photos. It’s convenient that you don’t have to carry a cellphone stand separately and can stand your cellphone on the spot.

Here’s How It Works: In-Car Stand

If you buy a cellphone stand that can be attached to a car, it will turn into an in-car stand! It’s especially useful when you want to navigate on your cellphone. The parts to be attached to the car are necessary to purchase individually, but I think it is convenient for people who drive a car on a daily basis.

Like this, a cellphone ring is a very convenient item. So, where is a good place to actually install a cellphone ring? You’ll also need some tips on how to remove the phone ring from your phone.

Where to Attach and Remove the Cellphone Ring

I recommend you to hold the cellphone with your hand and place the cellphone to the base of your finger. It is firmly fixed and you can move your thumb smoothly. If you use both hands well, the hold will be a little weaker, but it’s better to stick it in the middle.

If you attach it suddenly, it will be difficult to remove it, so you should use a scotch tape to position it first. Make a circle so that the adhesive side of the tape comes to the outside, stick it on the back of the cellphone ring, temporarily fix it to the cellphone and align it. Once the position is decided, stick it firmly.

As for a removal, if you pull the ring up and push both corners of the diagonal line of the pedestal and twist it, it will be easy to peel off. You may not use it right after you remove it. In that case, if you stick it to the smooth surface of the packing tape, the adhesive power will be maintained without excessive dust or dirt, so please try it.

The Point is Which Hand Should Be Used for the Ring Position

If you’re the type of person who uses it the most and your dominant hand is pretty clear, stick it on your dominant hand first, but if you want to use your cellphone ring as a stand or in your car, the center is the most stable.

As you can see, the adhesive power of the cellphone ring may weaken as you put and remove it several times. I will explain how to deal with it.

What To Do When The Adhesive Power of a Cellphone Weakens

If you put it on and take it off repeatedly, the adhesive power of the cellphone ring becomes weak. It can’t be helped. However, if you feel that the adhesive power has weakened, you can wash the adhesive surface with water and dry it, and the adhesive power will be restored considerably, if not 100%.

If you want to keep using the same cellphone ring many times when you change models, you’ll be happy to see some of the adhesive power restored.

Comfortable Cellphone Life with Cellphone Ring

Here’s how to use a cellphone ring, decide where to stick it, and remove it.

  • Cellphone rings can be used as a cellphone stand or car stand in addition to fall prevention
  • When you stick it on, let’s temporarily fix it with scotch tape first for positioning
  • If you want to use it as a cellphone stand or car stand, stick it in the middle
  • If you use your dominant hand a lot, I recommend the position close to your dominant hand where you can fit your dominant hand to the base of your index finger
  • To remove it, simultaneously pull the ring up and push the corner of the pedestal and turn it
  • If the adhesive power of your cellphone weakens, wash it with water to recover.

Use this guide to master your cellphone ring and make your life more comfortable.