The Cellphone Cover I Got Doesn’t Fit! What Should I Do? How to Prevent It?

It would be a great disappointment if the size of the cellphone cover you bought doesn’t fit. What should you do in such a case? I will introduce what kind of preventive methods can be considered.

Read a Return Policy

If the size of the cellphone cover you bought doesn’t fit, you should negotiate for a return at the store where you bought it. However, it seems that there are few stores that accept the return for the customer’s convenience.

On the internet websites, the terms and conditions and the user guides are written. Check the policies of the cancellation, return, and exchange of the product.

If they don’t respond, give up and consider the next method.

In the case of an internet website, if you notice a mistake before it is shipped, you may be able to cancel it from the order history.

Amazon Accepts Returns Within 30 days after the Items Arrive

In case of the major online store Amazon, if it is “Items shipped by Amazon”, it is within 30 days after the arrival of the item.

If you return it Amazon, you will receive a full refund. However, this is the case when it is unused and unopened.

If it has been opened, 50% of the product price will be refunded. Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded.

If the item was shipped by “a seller” and not by Amazon, you will need to return it directly to the seller. The return policy is different from Amazon, and it is the seller’s own return policy, so please check it before purchasing. You can check the conditions from the seller’s “Profile”.

What Do You Do With The Cell Cover If You Cannot Return?

Then, what should I do with a cellphone cover that doesn’t fit? First, let’s see if other people can use it.

Give to Friends and Others

First of all, let’s ask your friends and others around you. It won’t be wasted if you sell it or give it away in some cases. If you can meet them directly, they will be able to check if the size actually fits you.

Sell It Using Apps

There is also a way to sell a cellphone cover that doesn’t fit with an application. There are many users of the flea market application, so there is a high possibility to meet people who want a cellphone cover.

Also, you can exchange messages with prospect customers from your cellphone or computer, so you can finish arranging it without leaving your home.

There are eBay and letgo among the applications with many users.

Check Before Buying

To avoid buying a cellphone cover that doesn’t fit, it’s important to check the size before you buy it. Instead of just looking at the design, let’s check the compatible model of the case.

If you don’t know the size of your cellphone, you can check it by searching the terminal name and model number. You can also find the phone’s name on the phone itself, or check the model number from the “settings” application.

This is the same for both Android and iPhone.

Even If The Size Is Right, It May Not Be Usable

Also, you should be careful with the situation like you can’t use it even if the size is right. The position of the camera or earphone jack may differ depending on the model, even if the size is the same.

In that case, even if the size is right, you can’t use it as a case because you can’t use the camera function or earphones.

Before you buy a cellphone cover, check your phone name and model number, and be careful not to make a mistake.

Discuss Any Concerns With the Store Staff or Seller

Many people may be thinking like “This cover says it can be used for any models available but is it really okay?” or “I don’t know if this cellphone cover can be used for my cellphone.”

Especially when you’ve just changed your cellphone, it’s easy to think, “Can it really be used?”.

In that case, you should check with the store staff or the seller. If it is a flea market application, you should check with the seller.

Defective? It May be Returned

If there is an obvious defect in the item, the store or the seller may accept the return. If you made a purchase through the flea market app, send a message to the seller telling them you want to return the item.

If the return is approved, you will contact the flea market app.