Makeover: Cellphone Case With UV Resin! How to Make It and Recommended Ideas!

Do you use a cellphone case?

By putting a cellphone case, you can prevent the body from being damaged, and you can make the cellphone stylish.

Here’s how to make an original cellphone case out of resin for those who think “I want a cellphone case, but it’s boring if it’s just something you have the same things with other people!”.

What’s Resin?

The correct term for resin is “resin cast” which is a molding method used mainly in industrial design.

Recently, it has become easy to get at dollar stores.

What to Prepare When You Make an Original Cellphone Case

UV Resin

There is an epoxy type which hardens naturally, but I recommend the UV type because you can work slowly without hardening until you irradiate UV.

UV Curing Light

Light for a curing process of resin.

The price varies depending on the features and quality, but the cheapest one costs around 10 dollars.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Work

If you touch resin with bare hands, it is hard to remove and your hands get rough.

You can also get a pack of disposable thin vinyl gloves for a dollar at a dollar store, so be sure to wear them.

Plain Transparent Cellphone Case

It has no color and is transparent, so it’s perfect for customizing to your taste.


It is used to finish the resin after curing.

If you want to finish it more beautifully, it is common to file it with a coarse one and then a fine one gradually, but if you really want to remove only the protruding part, a metal file that you can get for a dollar at a dollar store is enough.

Oil Varnish

This varnish is mainly used for DIY finishing, but you can get it for a dollar at a dollar store. Used for glazing when finishing resin.

Work Mat

Used to keep the desk clean when coating the resin.

Kneaded Eraser and Instant Glue

Used to hold the resin in place.

Toppings For The Case

If you add dried flowers or glitter as you like, it will look three-dimensional and gorgeous.

Food Coloring (Acrylic Paint, etc.)

If you like, you can add some food coloring to make it look original.

Create an Original Cellphone Case Using Silicon Mold

There are many ways to make it, but this time we’ll show you an easy way to just pour it into a mold.

A lot of unique silicon molds such as sweet motifs and robot motifs are available.

If you pour resin liquid into the mold and harden it, anyone can make parts easily.

You can use a silicon ice maker instead, so it’s fun to find your favorite mold.

Step 1: Pour the Resin Liquid Into the Silicon Mold

After you open the silicone mold package, wipe the dust on the surface with a wet tissue to make it clean.

Next, place the silicone mold on a flat surface, such as on a desk, and pour the resin slowly while pushing the bottle down, with the tip of the mold lying at an angle on the bottom.

The resin liquid has a high viscosity, and if you pour it in a hurry, it may cause air bubbles to get in and make it look bad, so pour it slowly and without panicking.

Also, if there are air bubbles, you can use a gusset needle or a toothpick to crush them to make it look better.

If you let it harden as it is, it will have a simple colorless and transparent finish, but if you add coloring or glitter if you like, it will have a more unique finish, so I recommend it.

Step 2: Illuminate With UV Light

After pouring the resin liquid, insert the silicone mold into the UV light, be careful not to tilt it.

The irradiation time varies depending on the size of the resin part to be made, but if it is not too big, it will take 5 minutes, and if you are worried, it will take 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about bad curing.

It’s not a good idea to expose your naked eye to the UV light, so cover the opening with aluminum foil.

Step 3: Remove The Unnecessary Parts From The Hardened Resin

Remove the hardened resin from the silicon mold and sand the unnecessary parts.

If you don’t use the right amount of force, the gold grease may be scraped too much, so let’s apply it carefully little by little.

After removing the unnecessary parts, lightly rinse in running water to remove the scraped powder.

Step 4. Coat With Varnish

Place the rolled kneaded eraser on the work mat, then place the resin part on top of it and fix it.

After fixing the resin parts, apply varnish evenly and carefully.

After applying varnish, let it dry for about 24 hours.

It depends on the room temperature of the dry place, but it’s better to estimate about 24 hours.

Step 5. Glue the Resin Part to The Cellphone Case

Decide how you want to place the resin parts on the cellphone case, and once you decide, glue them one by one with an instant glue.

If you apply too much glue, it may spill out. So if you spread it about 1/3 of the area, it will reduce the failure.

Don’t turn it diagonally or upside down until it dries, dry it well and it’s done.

Original Cellphone Case Design Using Resin

Once you’ve done all the steps, take a look at what other people are creating.

Cellphone Case With a Sweets Motif Using a Mold that Contained Gummy

This product is made by pouring colored resin into the case containing gummy after eating and sticking the hardened parts onto the case.

The colorful Anpanman’s familiar characters are lively, and you can feel nostalgic when you see them.

If you have a child, it may be fun to make it with your child.

Outstanding ! Cellphone Case Which Makes You Transform Into a Handsome Guy With a Selfie

This is a cellphone case with a photo of a handsome man pasted on it.

If you take a selfie in front of a mirror, you can transform your face into your favorite actor in a flash.

It’s a little humorous, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it with your friends.

Playful Cellphone Case with Beads and Glitter

In addition to beads and glitter, this item is painted on the background to create a more original finish.

You can feel the fun of handmade painting.

Simple, Mature and Cute Cellphone Case with Dried Flowers

This one is coated with whole dried flower.

Only one flower is used boldly, so the finish is very mature and simple.

If You Want to Make an Original Case Easily, Order It!

Resin is hard until you get used to it, but you can make a cellphone case with your own ideas.

If you find it difficult to process the resin, you can order it.