Wallet Type? Plain Case type? How To Choose Your Favorite Type of Cellphone Case

“I want to buy a cellphone case, but I don’t know which one to choose.”

Do you have a problem like this? There are many kinds of cellphone cases, and you have to choose one that fits your purpose. The most popular type is the general case type and the wallet type with excellent functionality. In this article, we will introduce the merits of the case and wallet type cellphone cases and how to choose the type of cellphone cases that will be absolutely successful.

Advantages of Case Type


The most common cellphone case is the case type (hardcase/softcase). Most people have used it at least once. The case is made of synthetic resin. Synthetic resin is durable and soft, so it can be easily attached to a cellphone. The advantages of such a case type are as follows.

Plenty of Designs are Available

As it is a general cellphone case, there are many designs. In particular, the print looks beautiful. Of course iPhone is compatible with Android in many cases, so you can enjoy the design regardless of the model.

Fall Prevention

The durability of the case type is not bad. You can’t protect the surface, but the back and sides are perfectly protected. In the case of synthetic resin, it not only absorbs the impact when it falls, but also prevents it from falling because it is hard to slip. However, the plastic case is vulnerable to shock absorption and may damage the cellphone case or the cellphone itself.

Affordable Prices

There are various kinds of cellphone cases, but the case types which were made out of synthetic resin are available with affordable prices.


Case-type cellphone cases are not thick. Slim and less bulky, easy to take out from bag or pocket.

Advantages of Folded Wallet Type

Source: https://original-smaphocase.com/info/notebook-type

A cellphone case that opens and closes like a notebook is called a wallet type. The wallet type has excellent functionality. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a wallet type cellphone case.

Highly Protective Function

A wallet type cellphone case protects not only the back of a cellphone but also the fragile screen. The screen won’t get damaged even if you put it casually in your pocket or in your bag. It protects your cellphone from big scratches, but dust and water may come in from the side or from above and below.

Stylish Look

The wallet type cellphone case gives an intelligent and fashionable impression. Please pay particular attention to the material. Wallet cellphone cases are often made of smooth leather or wood. It doesn’t create an elegant taste unlike the case type.

Rich Functionality

There is no cellphone case that can compete with a wallet type cellphone case because of its rich functionality. Most wallet cases have two features. The first is the stand function. When you watch videos or play games on your cellphone, you can fold the cover to make it a simple stand and support your cellphone.

Second function is pockets. The wallet type cellphone case has 3 ~ 4 pockets for cards and bills. If you put a card you often use, you don’t have to take it out of your wallet. This is a handy feature.

Other than that, there is a wallet type cellphone case with a mirror.

How to Choose a Cellphone Case

You don’t want to fail in choosing a cellphone case. Here are four tips to keep in mind when choosing a cellphone case. Please refer to it.

1.Determine the Ability to Protect

The purpose of a cellphone case is to protect a cellphone from scratches and damages. Every cellphone case has a protection function, but the protection depends on the type. For example, if you want to protect not only the back but also the screen, I recommend the wallet type, not the case type. On the other hand, if a protective sticker is enough for the screen, a case type will do. Basically, the more protective a cellphone case is, the thicker and bulkier it is.

2.Storage Capacity

The case type doesn’t have much storage space, but it has extensive flexibility to any design possible. Because this is a hard case, it’s possible.

In case of a wallet type, there are many additional features such as a cellphone stand function and a mirror in addition to a storage pocket. Choose a cellphone case that fits your needs.

3.Compare Prices

Comparing the price of a wallet type cellphone case and a clear case type, the clear case type is more affordable.

4.Easy to Carry

When you carry a cellphone, many people put it in their pants’ pocket or small bag pocket because it’s easy to take it out. If you have a cellphone case, you might be worried about bulkiness. Comparing a case type and a wallet type, a wallet type is a little more bulky, but a wallet type can put a card, so you don’t have to carry your wallet with you when you go out for a while.


This time, we introduced the advantages of a wallet type and a case type and how to choose a cellphone case. But there are people who can’t find their favorite design on the market. If so, I recommend making an original cellphone case.