How to Personalize a Plain/Simple Tote Bag: Cute and Girly

Would you like to make a cute tote bag that is useful for a little use or when going out?

This is a very useful item, so it will make a great gift for a close friend. This article shows you how to make a plain or simple tote bag into a sophisticated personalized bag.

Simple Tote Bag Makeover Method 1: Transfer Stickers

This is a makeover using iron transfer stickers which are sold at handicraft shops and dollar stores.

Even though it is cheap, there are so many cute designs! It’s easy to make, so it sounds fun to make it with your child. The 1st photo below is the transfer sticker sold at a dollar store. There are many cute stickers like this in a dollar store.

Reference: Instagram
Reference: Instagram

Simple Tote Bag Makeover Method 2: Decoupage

This is a makeover where the pattern of the paper napkin is cut out and bonded and fixed with a special glue. It looks like an elaborate print and design, but it’s really easy because you just cut and paste it!

Reference: minne


  • Decoupage liquid
  • Scissors
  • Paper napkins of your favorite fesigns
  • Towels (a piece of cleaning clothes)
  • Flat paint brush

<How to Decoupage>

  1. Cut off the designs of paper napkins you want to put on
  2. There are two sheets of paper napkins on top of each other, so let go of the thin paper on the napkin. Use the paper with the top pattern only
  3. Apply special decoupage glue with a brush on the part of the tote bag you want to place
  4. After you place the cutouts on top, add the special decoupage glue
  5. Let it dry for half a day to finish!

It can be used not only for bags but also for shoes and cell phone covers.

Simple Tote Bag Makeover Method 3: Acrylic Paints

This is a makeover that uses acrylic paint (acrylic gouache) that is resistant to washing and water to draw a pattern on a tote bag. You can apply it in layers, and even if it dries, the cloth won’t get stiff, so it doesn’t damage the texture of the material.

Recommended for those who want to “I want to make it with original design!”. You can use fabric as a canvas to create your own design.

Reference: tumblr

Simple Tote Bag Makeover Method 4: Stencil

Stencils are a design method in which a pattern is formed by pressing a brush or sponge with acrylic paint on a stencil sheet cut out into a desired pattern.

Stencil sheets are also sold at dollar stores. If you want to design by yourself, you can cut out a clear folder and use it as a stencil sheet. This is a very stylish finish with this kind of blur.

Reference: Instagram
Reference: the picta

Simple Tote Bag Makeover Method 4: Add-Ons

It is a way of makeover by attaching small items such as can badges, brooches, scarves, bracelets, etc.

・ Can Badges & Scarf

Reference: Ailand

・A Large Ribbon Makes it Girly!

Reference: IQON

・Lace Decoration Adds Feminine Taste

Reference: Instagram