[Updated 2019] Featured 21 ideas For Handmade Cellphone cases! Introduced From Beginner to Advanced

Recently, there are more and more cellphone cases with characteristic designs.

However, it might be quite difficult to find a cellphone case that suits your taste among those on the market.

If you can’t find a cellphone case with the design you want, try making it yourself.

This time, I will introduce the designs and ideas of handmade cellphone cases from simple ones to elaborate ones.

[For Beginner’s]: 7 Easy Cellphone Case Makeovers with Dollar Store Items

Masking Tape with a Cute Design Makes a Pop Finish

Many masking tapes have cute designs, so you can easily make a cellphone case by hand using them.

A Colorful Cellphone Case With Making Tape Shaped in Triangles and Scattered

This one also uses masking tape, but by unifying the shape into a triangle, the color stands out and gives a colorful impression.

Using masking tape, you can create a unique cellphone case.

Decorate Your Cellphone Case with Jewelry Stickers

Decorated with jewelry stickers from dollar stores to a clear cellphone case.

This is a decoration case that looks like jewels are in bloom.

High Quality in Art with Pen

The original apple and logo of the iPhone is used to create a lovely Christmas tree.

Cell phone case with soft pen touch and warmth in painting style.

Cat and Gear Cell Phone Case for Steampunk

It’s a cellphone case that looks like a cat has gotten lost in the world of steampunk and it’s likely to start a little story.

Japanese Patterned Origami Makes a Vivid Finish

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和紙を使用してスマホケース試作してみました iPhoneX用 ハードケース 和紙の薄皮を剥がし、薄く薄く加工してスマホケースに装飾しました 白っぽいところは、光に当てると綺麗にすけます。 白いスマホなら美しく✨ 試作品です ですが、一番の問題は· · · 私はiPhoneじゃない。 もってない。 試せない。 がーーん。 いや、作る前からわかってはいたのですが、皆さま、iPhone多いじゃないですか💦 だから、iPhoneで試作。 でも試せない。 ガーン😨 ま、可愛いから良しとします。 需要ありそうですかね? スマホケース、ざっくり相場は1500円以上? と、今調べて見たら、3000円とか4000円とかするのね!?(゚◇゚)ガーン 高いよね。高すぎるよ!買えないよ。私なら💦 私なら(お試し価格として)、800円。 どや!どやっ! たたき売りだ! いや、自分で買う場合の許容価格が1000円以下のケチケチ様なのです💦 なんて、こんなで、いつか販売してみたいと考えてたところでして。 試作してみました。 #スマホケース #スマホカバー #スマホケース手作り #スマホカバー手作り #和紙スマホケース #和紙 #和柄スマホケース #可愛い #おしゃれなスマホケース #試作 #試作品

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There are many origami with Japanese patterns that make it feel vivid.

With this brilliance, you can easily make cellphone case with Japanese taste.

You Can Also Use a Paper Bag From a Luxury Brand

Just by putting a brand name paper bag between the cellphone cases like this, you can make a wonderful makeover.

It’s a winning idea!

[For Intermediate] I Wanna Be Particular About Your Cell Case? Seven Cell Phone Case Makeover Ideas

Colorful Cellphone Cases of Anpanman and His Friends

The colors of Anpanman and others in the TV series creates a three-dimensional effect.

Original Cellphone Case Packed With Memories of Disneyland

This cellphone case will make you remember the memories of going to Disneyland.

Painted iPhone case with a Golden Color on Black Background

In the case of a handmade cellphone case, there is an advantage that the color is limited.

If the back is black, by using a gold that looks good, it creates a gorgeous look that cannot be thought of as a hand-drown art.

A Pressed Flower Cellphone Case With Real Flowers

The purple viola stands out even more because of its freshness, which is different from the way fake flowers would look like.

Change Your Cellphone Case Depending on Your Mood! Cellphone Cases For a Girl Who Likes Pink

If you stick to a handmade cellphone case, you won’t be satisfied with just one.

You can change it depending on your mood.

Cute Ariel Handmade Case

This cellphone case has Ariel drawn on the hard case.

The design of Ariel, flowers, pearls and lame is perfectly balanced.

Fur Makes it Gorgeous

It has a gorgeous finish using fake fur and Peveo’s fantasy moon.

[For Advanced] Differentiated From Others! 7 Must-Have Cellphone Case Makeover Ideas

Minnie Lovers! Cellphone case Filled With Minnie’s Love Depicted in the Sea and Space.

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いえーいやりすぎました🤣🤣🤣笑) 久しぶりに失敗作叩き出した(笑) でもまぁ表は気に入ってるんですがね😅 裏がミスですね😔 というわけでiPhone8+ミニーマウス宇宙and海ケース完成しました🤪 今回も自分が撮った写真限定で作れました😁 ミッキーは一箇所ですね🤣 なんか、、、まだまだ修行が足りませんね🤮🤮🤮 手帳型はトラウマになりそう😵 できたら手帳型は嫌なんですが、もう画面割ったときの保証が残ってないので我慢します🤪 やっぱりスマホケースはレジンならクリアだな、、、🤢🤢🤢 お目汚し失礼しました😱😱😱💦💦💦 ちなみにおそらく次のハンドメイドは、しーちゃんのハローニューヨーク 仮装か、カズさんのジェラドットケースです🤣🤣🤣笑) ※オーダーや販売は行っておりません。 #disney #ディズニー好きな人と繋がりたい #ディズニー好きと繋がりたい #ディズニー #はる花ハンドメイド作品 #ハンドメイド #ハンドクラフト #ハンクラ #ディズニーハンドメイド #ディズニーハンドメイド好きな人と繋がりたい #ディズニースマホケース #スマホケース手作り #手作りスマホケース #レジン #ディズニーレジン #レジンスマホケース #スマホケースレジン #スマホケースハンドメイド #ハピエストセレブレーション

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There are a lot of Minnie on this cellphone case and it looks like they fit into the world of dreams.

If you Stick to Japanese Patterns, You Can Even Do This! Elegant!

This is a cellphone case with a Japanese pattern reminiscent of a furisode kimono.

The golden butterfly at the top looks like about to fly.

Lots of Real Sushi!? Looks Delicious

Each one has a luster that makes you feel like you want to eat it, and this cellphone case is very particular about sushi.

Fullmetal Alchemist’s Cellphone Case

A mountain of gears reminiscent of Fullmetal Alchemist. I am worried about the weight if I do this too much.

The rugged texture is a proof of him being particular.

Mysterious Cellphone case Dyed in One Color with Red Gerbera Flowers

The main gerbera and the small flowers above and below make the cellphone case creates feeling of being near or far in a sense of perspective.

Original Cellphone Case that Gundam Fans Go Crazy

Gundam Build Fighters cellphone case.

There is a small Bergai drawn in the middle, and this kind of design tickles fans’ hearts.

Sailor Moon’s Handmade Cellphone Case is So Cute!

It’s a cellphone case that would reproduce the transformation scene of the main character rabbit in “Sailor Moon” and it feels like watching a video.

Pink lame is used on the whole body, and it will soon transform from a rabbit to a sailor warrior and start moving.