Let’s Change Your Fortune by Knowing the Color of Your Cellphone that Raises Your Fortune and the Color of Your Cellphone that Lowers Your Fortune!

Many people carry their cellphones casually, but the color and pattern may affect their fortune.

Because it is an item that you always carry with you, there is a possibility that your fortune goes up or down with only Feng Shui of your cellphone.

This time, we will introduce the color of the cellphone to increase your fortune, the color of the cellphone to decrease.

Does the Color of Your Cellphone Have Anything To Do With Your Fortune?

Cellphones are basically tools used to send and receive phone calls and text messages.

It is said that Feng Shui, a cellphone that connects people, has a huge impact on interpersonal relations.

Also, the colors of cellphones that you see on a daily basis often affect people’s psychology.

Cellphone Colors and Interpersonal Relations

Feng shui on a cellphone, which is a tool to communicate with people, may affect luck of interpersonal relations.

The colors which are said to have a good effect on interpersonal luck are yellow, orange, pink and white.

Red is said to be a color of passion and a source of energy, but in interpersonal relationships, it can also give a sense of tension to others.

If you want to improve your relationship with friends, lovers, or family, don’t use red on your phone.

Color Affects Psychology

It is said that the color people see has a considerable influence on their perspectives.

For example, seeing red can increase your vitality, energy, and appetite.

Blue is the opposite of red. When you see it, it calms your mind and suppresses your appetite.

It’s important to think about what kind of color effect is suitable for you right now, especially because you see your cellphone all the time.

Cellphone Colors that Increase Your Luck and Colors that Decrease

If you change the color of your cellphone that might affect your mind, you may be able to change your fortune.

Here are some of the colors that can help improve your luck, as well as colors that can reduce your luck.


Pink and peach color are said to be the colors that become gentle when you wear them.

If you become kind to people around you, your relationship will become smooth and you can expect better luck in love.


Yellow is a color that gives a bright and energetic impression and brightens not only yourself but also the surroundings.

It is also said to be a color that improves your sense of humor and luck with money.


Orange is said to be a bright color that symbolizes femininity.

If you put the color on youself, you can expect to improve your health, appetite and communication ability.


Brown is a color that represents the earth and gives people a sense of security and trust.

You can use it when you want to give the impression of someone you can feel safe with.


Green is a color that symbolizes nature and is said to have a relaxing effect.

In interpersonal relationships, it is a color that enables you to build trust and strengthen cooperation.


Blue is the color that calms and stabilizes your mind when you put it on yourself.

You can use it to suppress appetite, when you want calm judgment, or when want to go on a diet.


If you put light blue on yourself, you can expect the effect to remove bad luck and adjust your mind.


Purple is a color that expresses elegance and spirituality.

You can use it when you want to show your personal taste or when you want to calm down.


White is a color that symbolizes harmony, relaxation and purification, and is also a color that helps improve relationships with others.

If you want to listen to people’s opinions honestly, it’s a good idea to do so.


In Feng Shui, the color that indicates the status is gray, and you can use it when you want to give the impression of a decent person.

Ideal when you want to show off your presence in a subtle way.


Silver is said to be the color that brings out your presence and talent.

It is said that it not only gives you a sense of trust but also improves your luck in love.


Gold is a color that can have a big influence on luck in money and love.

One way is to bring your talents to life and incorporate them when you want to take on new challenges.


It is said that adding red color to a cellphone shows leadership, but it also makes you aggressive.

It’s a color that reinforces your assertiveness, so you should avoid it when you want to be cooperative with others.


Black is a color that strengthens your ego and may block your surroundings.

You can expect to be protected when you want to be alone, but you need to be careful because it may dampen your communication ability.

Cell Phone Designs for Better Luck

Not only the color but also the design of the cellphone will lead to better fortune.


If you add a heart pattern to your cellphone, you can expect better luck in love.

If you choose materials with glitter or shine, you can expect more effect.


The cute floral pattern is one of the patterns that will enhance your romance.

If you use it with pink on your cellphone, your luck in love may increase.


Long things are said to have power to attract luck.

If you use the long ribbons on your cellphone, you can expect better luck in love.


Fruit patterns increase your chances of success as your efforts bear fruit.

If you want to gain energy and power, you can use it.


The four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck, and if you wear it, you can expect better luck in love.

It is said that four-leaf helps growth and development.


A star means to become a star, and this pattern is expected to improve your business luck.

Because of its sharp shape, it is also a motif with fire power.

If you want to improve your luck, changing your cellphone is one way.

How To Use a Cellphone To Lower Your Luck

Depending on how you use your cellphone, your luck may decrease.

In order not to lower your fortune, it is important to organize unnecessary data and keep it clean.

Lots of Unnecessary Apps

It is important to throw away unnecessary things in Feng Shui.

If you have an application that you no longer use on your cellphone, deleting it and making it clean will lead to an increase in your luck.

Unwanted Contacts

If you keep the contact information of the person who doesn’t contact you anymore or the contact information of the person who you don’t want to meet, your fortune may decrease.

Broken Screen

In Feng Shui, it is said that if you have broken things, your fortune will go down.

If you use a broken screen, you can expect better luck if you repair or replace it.

Dirty Screen

Cellphones that are often touched by fingers tend to get dirty with fingerprints, and if you use them as they are, your interpersonal luck may be decreased.

It’s important to wipe off your fingerprints frequently and keep them clean after touching your cellphone.

Looking at Your Cellphone Before Going to Bed

When you look at your cellphone right before going to bed, you can’t get rid of your fatigue or you can’t fall asleep easily.

It’s important not to touch your cellphone before going to bed as much as possible because your luck may decrease if you stay tired.

Change The Color of Your Cellphone and Increase Your Fortune!

You can also expect to change your fortune by changing the color of your cellphone.

The point to increase your fortune is to choose a color that matches your fortune and stick to the design you like.