Do you wear underwear when you wear a polo shirt? How do you choose them?

“Should I wear underwear or an inner when wearing a polo shirt or not?”

There may be many men who are worried about these kinds of things during the summer seasons. Should I wear an inner be under a polo shirt? What should I pay attention to when choosing an inner if I should wear it? I would like to introduce you things you have to watch out for while taking opinions from women into considerations.

It looks better when you wear an inner under a polo shirt!

There is no clear manner or rule about whether or not you should wear an inner under a polo shirt.
In other words, it is your free choice to wear an inner or not. However, this is only for men wearing polo shirts. Women see the problem of wearing underwear or inners under polo shirts from a different angle.

Here are some women’s opinions on the inners of men’s polo shirts.

“It’s awkward that the back and sides of a sweaty person’s polo shirt are soaked with sweat! Wear an inner to remove sweat!” (20’s, Part-timer)

“I want them to wear inners when they wear inners at least when they wear white or light color, or thin polo shirts. I think that this is sexual harassment because the nipples are standing out and I don’t know where to look. I even think that this is sexual harassment.” (20s / Sales)

Certainly, polo shirts that have changed color due to sweat don’t look clean. .

Some women may feel uncomfortable when their nipples and chest hair show through thin polo shirts. By the way, the problem of seeing through the nipples from a light-colored shirt seems to be a more serious problem for women than men think.

A few years ago, a male employee who wore a business shirt without underwear had been accused of sexual harassment by a female employee. A similar case might happen when you are wearing a polo shirt without underwear!

Considering all of these things, the conclusion is that “Inherently, it is free to wear an inner on a polo shirt. However, it is better to wear an inner on a polo shirt in order to avoid discomfort for other people.”

How should I choose an inner under a polo shirt?

So what should you be aware of when choosing an inner under a polo shirt? Let’s hear the woman’s opinions again.

“It’s really out of style when you can clearly see the inner lines.” (20s, Student)

“If you can clearly see that you are wearing an inner, it looks like an old man.” (20s, Part-timer)

“You might see some men are wearing polo shirts with the front button open? I don’t like to see the inner from there.” (30s, Office Worker)

Apparently, women don’t like to see men wearing inners under polo shirts when the lines of the inners clearly show outside or it is clear that they are wearing inners. So what kind of underwear should I choose?

The Basic Color “White” is actually No-no! ?

The recommended color is beige or gray with slightly darker than your skin.

Some people may think that the inner should be white, but the white inner clearly shows the line of the inner when you wear them. If the beige color is slightly darker than your skin, it will not stand out even if you wear a white polo shirt.

For those who feel that the beige inners are dull, choose gray.

The Design of the Inner should be something unnoticeable

I recommend a V-neck or deep U-neck sleeveless (tank top, etc.) design. If you choose a V-neck or deep U-neck, you can be sure that the inner will not be visible even if you open the front button.

In addition, when you wear a short sleeve inner under a short sleeve polo shirt, the inner may come out from the sleeve of the polo shirt depending on the sleeve length. If you choose sleeveless, you don’t have to worry about those things.

Choose Materials Focusing on Functions

Currently, high performance inners for summer has been developed by various manufacturers. If you sweat a lot, we recommend choosing materials that are highly hygroscopic and absorbent with sweat or have antibacterial and deodorant functions.

If you work outside or have a lot of work, make sure that you choose a material that suits your polo shirts, such as touch-sensitive materials and UV-cut features.

I want to use it in a casual scene! An outfit that “shows” the inner

I have introduced how to choose an inner under a polo shirt for the purpose of being unnoticeable. However, I will change the way of thinking and introduce how to wear the inner.

Choose a slightly longer inner, and then wear a short polo shirt on top of it to complete the layered style.

Reference: wear.jp

The point is to choose a cotton or linen material rather than an inner material and match the color with the polo shirt. Why don’t you try it for summer leisure or going out? Depending on the type of your work and the colors to match, it may be used for summer business suits!