Easy DIY T-shirt Remake! Make your T-shirt more cute and cool

Summer heavyly used item “T-shirts”. I often wear it by itself, so even if I wear it with jeans or a skirt, I tend to have the same fashion taste …

“I want to make my T-shirt more cute and cool!”.

A remake method that cuts and ties the sleeves and hem is recommended. It’s easy, but you can change the taste. The fabric material of the T-shirt will not be frayed, so you can leave it cut! It is also recommended for dance T-shirts with a fringe hem.

In this article, I will introduce examples of remake ideas which make your T-shirts super cute and cool.

Remake Method 1: T-shirt with DIY cute hem fringes

Reference: Pop Champagne

Fluctuating and fluttering cute ♡ DIY fringes. If you cut it into strips and pull it while twisting, it will curl up and finish naturally.

How to DIY fringes

  1. Cut the hem of the desired length into a strip.
  2. Tie two at a time.
  3. Tie two strings together which were tied in 2 alternatively.

Here is the completed photo with a T-shirt with the fringes! The fringes at the hem are cute, and it enhances the femininity even more!

Reference: Pop Champagne

Remake Method 2: Studs are cool! T-shirt DIY Remake

Reference: wobisobi

It is a cool remake with studs that are sold even at a dollar store. The remake that connects the hem can also be applied to the sleeves. The clavicle can be seen, so it is a bit sexy!

How to Remake a T-shirt with Studs

1. Make 11 cuts between the neckline and shoulder.

Reference: wobisobi

2. Fasten the two strings with studs and cut the red line.

Reference: wobisobi

3. Alternately add the studs.

Reference: wobisobi

4. Make a cut on one side from the hem.

Reference: wobisobi

5. Tie tightly and you are finished! Simply tying here will change the impression of a T-shirt. Changing how to tie together or tying both sides is also cool!

Reference: wobisobi

Remake Method 3: T-shirt DIY Remake with a cute ribbon on the chest

Reference:Creating Laura

Remaking a T-shirt into a tank top with a ribbon. You should use a water-resistant glue for the ribbon knot.

How to Remake: T-shirt DIY Remake with a cute ribbon on the chest

1. Cut the neckline of the back body into a semicircle at about 10cm from the top (Photo 1).

2. Cut only the back of the body so that about 15cm [6 inches] below the sleeve is parallel to the hem (Photo 2).

3. Hold the center of 1 and 2 and check the depth of the neckline.

4. If you don’t like the tie (Photo 3) then cut and adjust the neckline again.

5. Cut the t-shirt in the center of the ribbon from the cut collar and wrap it around 2 with a water-resistant glue (Photo 3).

Reference:Creating Laura

6. Cut sleeves.

Reference:Creating Laura

7. Wrap both shoulders in the same way as 5 with a piece of leftover fabric! It looks great like a ballerina style or ballet dance♪

Reference:Creating Laura

Remake Method 4: Cross T-shirt Remake that can be made with only one pattern

The back cut design into “cross” is a cool remake.

It is possible to apply other than “cross” by changing the size and remake because it is just to make a rectangular pattern with thick paper.

Reference:Boat People

How to Remake: Cut Cross T-shirt

1. Cut one piece of cardboard into 1.5 x 3cm [0.6 x 1.2 inches].

2. Use a ruler to draw a line with a tailor’s chalk in the center of the back so that it will serve as a marker for placing the pattern.

3. Place the pattern made in 1 and trace around with a tailor’s chalk.

4. Repeat 3 to make a “cross” shape.

5. Cut 3 with scissors and complete! It’s cool to use as a dance costume! ! You can check how to make it with the following video.

Extra Remake: DIY Remake best T-shirt

How to Remake: No sew Vest

1. Cut the neckline.

2. Cut the sleeve at the armhole.

3. Cut both armpits.

4. Spread it into one long shape and complete it! Seems like a very grown-up outfit. You can check how to make it with the following video.