Is the Collar of Your Polo Shirt Worn? Here’s How to Prevent the Collar from Becoming Uneven and Make it Straight!

The collar of the polo shirt came crinkling while I was washing it many times. I think there are many people who have experienced this kind of things.
The polo shirts are popular as business wears in summer season, but if the collar is worn, it gives an impression that it is lousy.

Here are some of the reasons why a polo shirt’s collar gets worn out, and some tips on how to get it back to a straight collar.

Cause the Collar of a Polo Shirt to Get Curled Up Unevenly

First of all, why does the collar of a polo shirt get curled up unevenly? The main reason is the washing method you choose and the material of the polo shirt.

When you take out the laundry from the washing machine, if you pull out one by one, sometimes it will get entangled with each other and the laundry will come out all in one piece. This is because the clothes rub against each other, pull together, and get tangled in the washer while washing.

Polo shirts were originally worn in the sport of polo. Therefore, most of the materials used are expandable.
In particular, the fabric called “Ribbed” which is often used for the collar and cuffs, is made by a method of knitting, which is also called ribbed knitting, so that it is easy to stretch. While rubs against other clothes in the washing machine, these clothes hurt and get stretched. As a result, the collar of the polo shirt is worn out.

Prevent the Collar of a Polo Shirt From Becoming Uneven With a Twist During Washing

The reason why the collar of the polo shirt got twisted was that it rubbed against other clothes when washing, and the cloth stretched.

That means, in order to prevent the collar of a polo shirt from becoming wrinkled, you should wash it so that the fabric doesn’t stretch. Then, how exactly should I wash it? Here are four ways to wash polo shirts to prevent them from getting worn out.

1.Wash by Hand

The best way to avoid friction with other clothes is to wash the polo shirt by itself. As long as you don’t scrub it, there’s almost no need to worry about the polo shirt getting twisted.

2.Use a Laundry Net

When you wash a polo shirt in a washing machine, I recommend you to use a laundry net.
Laundry nets are sold in various sizes at dollar shops and home centers. If you put it in a laundry net and wash it, you can avoid rubbing it with other clothes and getting entangled to some extent.

3.Using “Hand Wash (Soft, Weak Water Flow) Mode”

If your washing machine has a “Hand wash (Soft, Weak Water Flow) mode”, use this mode for washing. Of course, it is better to use a laundry net together.

4.Use Laundry Starch

If you use laundry starch when you wash, it will be smooth after washing and you can prevent it from becoming uneven.
Laundry starch is sold not only at hardware stores and drugstores but also at dollar stores. Please read the instructions on the container carefully before using it. If you use laundry starch and tap the whole part to adjust the form when drying, you can make not only the collar but also the whole part smooth and crisp. Please be careful not to use it too much.

A trick to Fix the Collar of a Polo Shirt

If the collar is already worn out, you can fix it by ironing it.

*The temperature setting of the iron and the need for a piece of cloth over the polo shirt are different depending on the material used for the polo shirt!!

Don’t search on the Internet, but make sure to check the laundry sign of the polo shirt you iron (see the laundry label). If you don’t know how to read the washing signs and instructions, please check the instructions on how to wash the original printed T-shirt.

When ironing the collar, it is effective to use a spray laundry starch and put it on with the collar stretched. Not only does it come off, but it also gives a sharp firmness!

Among polo shirts, the collar that is especially close affects the impression of the face. Don’t think that it is a lot of work if you have to iron a polo shirt, but give them a try. A polo shirt with a straight collar will give a good impression not only in casual scenes but also in business scenes. Please try this on and wear a polo shirt with a straight collar.