How to Make Your Own Original Cellphone Cover! Tips and Precautions

Cellphone covers come in a variety of designs, shapes, and materials, but many people find it hard to find one that suits their tastes.

That’s why more and more people are making their own cellphone covers, and the creation of original cellphone covers is drawing more attention these days.

Here’s how to make your own cover.

What Are the Advantages of Making Your Own Cellphone Cover?

One of the advantages of making your own cellphone cover is that you can make your own original cellphone cover.

If you go to an electronics retail store or a mobile phone shop, you can buy cellphone covers of various types and designs, but depending on the model, you may be limited in the types and designs you can choose from.

That’s why there are many cases where you can’t find the cover of the type or design you want to use, or you can’t use it on your cellphone even if you like it.

You can solve that problem by creating your own, and above all, you can create your own original work.

That’s why it’s so popular among people with the ideas like “I don’t want to use the same design with other people” and “I want to enjoy my own originals.” More and more people are making their own.

Another advantage is that you can get a cellphone cover cheaper than buying it in retail stores or cellphone stores because you can make it easily with dollar store items.

How to Make Your Own Cellphone Cover

There are a number of ways to make your own cellphone cover, including using stickers, UV resin, decoupage, fabric and yarn.


For example, if you use stickers, you can apply them on your phone as they are, but if you stick them on top of the clear case, you can keep them strong as a cover.

You can also create a cute decorated cellphone cover by simply decorating the sticker or apply UV resin over the stickers.

UV resin

UV resin is also known as a material for handmade accessories, and it hardens easily when you put pressed flowers or decorative materials on a clear or simple case and hang it.

In addition, UV resin is transparent as it is, but you can enjoy various coloring by mixing acrylic paint, and you can also enjoy changing clothes because you can combine it with various materials according to the season.


And in the case of decoupage, you can make your own cellphone cover simply by cutting a paper napkin to the size of a cellphone cover and applying decoupage liquid on it.

You can use pictures and illustrations when you paint, and it is easy to change covers because it can be removed immediately.

The cover is made of fabric or yarn, and you just have to take a mold and process it accordingly, or you can make a cover by knitting like a handmade work.

This one is attractive because you can enjoy original design, so if you are good at knitting, I recommend you to try a self-made cellphone cover.

Handmade Kit

There are many ways to make your own cellphone cover using various materials, but there are also kits for your own cellphone cover.

So if you want to make your own, but don’t know what to do, you might want to use a hand-made kit.

Tips for Creating Your Own Cellphone Cover

When you make your own cellphone cover, it is important to match the size of your cellphone.

Even if you make your own cellphone cover, it’s meaningless if it doesn’t fit the size of your cellphone, so you need to take a mold and check the size and width first.

As a reference, it is recommended to check the size of the cellphone cover on the market, and you need to be careful because the size of the cover and wallet type are different even if they are the same cellphone size.

Also, depending on the material, there are various characteristics and weak points of the material, such as those that are vulnerable to water and those that come off easily.

When you decorate using ready-made products such as clear cases, it is important to choose the materials you use while paying attention to the compatibility of the products that do not stick to the case.

Notes on Handmade Original Cellphone Cover

If you use a clear case to make your own, stickers won’t weigh that much, but if you decorate too much, your phone may not be able to dissipate heat.

In particular, some cellphone covers on the market have openings or holes in them to dissipate heat and maintain necessary functions.

Therefore, if you decorate the clear case, you need to think how much you can do.

If you’re building your own cover from scratch out of fabric, yarn, or leather, you’ll need to figure out which parts of the cover have gaps or holes.

Wool and leather materials in particular may block heat, which may cause your cellphone to heat up more easily.

You Can Make Your Own Cellphone Cover Easily

It’s hard to make a cellphone cover by yourself, but if you use a commercially available clear case, you can easily make it by decorating it.

Even if you want to make your own phone cover more professionally, you can make it easily by using handmade items, so I recommend you to make your own cellphone cover while paying attention to the points and precautions in this article.