Hard to Miss! Recommended Cellphone Rings of 5 Brands

If you are considering buying a cellphone, why don’t you choose a brand?

Each brand has different characteristics and tendencies, so it’s easy to find one that suits your taste.

Now, let me introduce five major cellphone ring brands.


We often call our cellphone ring as “BUNKER RING.”

BUNKER RING is actually one of the brand names of cellphone and the most representative brand.

BUNKER RING was released in 2010 when cellphones themselves were not yet widespread that much.

Among the many cellphone ring brands, it is considered a standard, and there are many cellphone rings for everyone and plain-type cellphone rings.

If you don’t know which brand to choose, you should choose BUNKER RING.

Essentials (Matt 6)

Source: Amazon

This cellphone ring has a simple square shape at the base.

It’s an plain type, so it’s easy to use with any cellphone, and the ring itself is glossy and stylish.


Source: Amazon

This is also a cellphone ring representing BUNKER RING with a simple shape.

It has all the functions required for a cellphone ring such as 360 degree rotation and stand function.

Recommended for people who use cellphone for the first time.

Bunker Ring Dish

Source: Amazon

This is a cellphone with a circular base.

There are 6 plain colors, and there is also a line up with patterns like stripes.

Elegant Design [iRing]

Along with BUNKER RING, iRing is a popular and well-known cellphone ring brand.

It features a large lineup of elegant and classy designs, and it is also recommended for people in their 30s and older.

The design characteristics of iRing are related to the region where the brand originated.

iRing is a brand born in New York, USA.

New York will often become a hotbed of fashion trends.

That’s why the design of the New York-born iRing is also very appealing.

If you like elegant design, you should try iRing’s cellphone.

AAUXX Grip Stand [Square-base]

Source: Amazon

It’s a cellphone ring with a square base and comes in 9 colors.

The simple yet classy design will create a mature feel.

The ring can be rotated 360 degrees and can be used either vertically or horizontally.

AAUXX Cell Round-base Ring

Source: Amazon

This is a cellphone ring with a round base.

It’s not much different from the grip stand in terms of function.

AAUXX Cell Phone Ring Clear

Source: Amazon

It is a cellphone ring that is integrated with a cellphone case.

Therefore, the models that can be used are limited to iPhone X, XS, 8, and 8 +.

The position of the ring is not fixed, but you can slide it up and down.

It also supports wireless charging when installed.

Recommended For Fashionable People [FLOWERING]

FLOWERING is a brand that also makes cellphone cases, but its main feature is its rich design.

They released various designs of cellphone rings.

If anything, I recommend it to people who want to choose a cellphone by its design rather than its practicality.

Cellphone Ring: Diamond Ring

Source: Amazon

It is a cellphone ring with a design of a diamond ring at the base.

When you put your finger in the ring with this on your cellphone, it looks like you’re fitting a real diamond ring.

There are green, white, and pink, so choose the color you like.

Cellphone Ring ♪ Cat

Source: Amazon

Stylish and cute cellphone ring with cat shaped base.

The cat is just washing its face.

It is slightly long and big, but recommended for people who like cats.

There are also horizontally long ones with similar designs.

Cellphone Ring (I’m Doraemon)

Source: Amazon

This is a cellphone ring with Doraemon shaped base.

It will be perfect when your child has a cellphone.

It also has a stand function, so it’s convenient when you watch videos.

Free Angle Adjustment is Attractive [iFace]

iFace also makes both cellphone cases and cellphone rings.

iFace is famous for their cellphone case instead of their cellphone rings.

If you’re using an iFace cellphone case, you should also get an iFace cellphone ring.

The characteristic of iFace’s cellphone ring is that it’s easy to adjust the angle.

If you find it difficult to use another brand of cellphone, iFace might be easier to use.

Rotate 360 ° Inner Circle

Source: Amazon

The base is circular and consists of a small inner circle and a large outer circle.

The ring is attached to the outer circumference of the inner small circle, and it is made to move 360 degrees on the outer circumference.

It has a wide range of motion, so it’s easy to use.

They come in 15 different colors.

360 Degree Rotated Outer Circle

Source: Amazon

The cellphone ring has a round base, but it has a ring on the outside of the base and can be rotated 360 degrees on the outer circumference.

The bigger the circle with the ring, the wider range of movement than the inner circle.

Rotate 360 ° Outer Circle Disney

Source: Amazon

The basic structure is the same as a regular outer circle, but Disney characters are drawn on the base.

There are 6 kinds of designs in the lineup.

Stylish Cellphone Ring [CREKOO].

Source: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/ceecloud/ck003/

CREKOO is a brand that features a stylish design.

There is a cellphone holder that you can’t see in other brands, so you should try it.

It is a cellphone holder called FreeWing with a wing motif.

You can rotate 360 degrees and use with 2 fingers.

And when you want to fix it in the car, you just insert it into the air conditioner outlet.


Have you found a perfect cellphone ring?

You often see the standard BUNKER RING, but other brands have their own characteristics, so you should look for a cellphone ring that suits you.