THE IMPRESSION OF A PERSON IS DECIDED BY THE COLOR OF HIS CLOTHES!? “Personal Color” to Find Out Which Color Suits You “Color Psychology”

When you meet someone for the first time, sometimes you might think intuitively, “He may be such a type of a man.”

The first impression largely depends on the color of the clothes the person is wearing. You want to avoid damaging the impression of the person you want to be liked by the color of your clothes you happen to wear. So here are some of the information about types of colors which gives an impression of a person, and the colors that match your skin and hair colors.

Depending on the Color of the Clothes You Wear, the Impression You Give to the Other Person Changes

When people see a particular color, they sometimes have an image associated with that color. For example, when you look at red, it’s a blazing fire, and when you look at pink, it’s cute.

Colors have “color psychology” and affect people to feel and decide in the same way that color has images of. By looking at the color of the clothes or items you wear, you can create an impression.

It’s just an impression, but when you want to make a good impression, such as on business or on a date, it’s easier to make a good impression if you pay attention to the color of your clothes.
Each color has a typical impression.


Passion, vigor, strength, energy, excitement


Gentle, sociability, warmth, and peace of mind


Inquisitiveness, hope, innocence, youthfulness


Harmony, balance, peace, healing, self-paced


Refreshing, cool, cool, honest


Elegance, nobility, mystical, mysterious


Feminine, romantic, glamorous, delicate


Beauty, purity and cleanliness


Luxury, masculine, silent, intellectual

You should check the trend of the color of your clothes. If you have a disproportionate variety of colors, the image associated with that color will give people an impression of you.

Your Skin and Hair Color Will Determine the Color that Suits You: “Personal Color”

Each person has different skin and hair colors. There are colors that go well with those colors, and the color that suits you is called “Personal Color”.

Personal colors are categorized under “Spring, summer, autumn and winter” and as the name suggests, they are categorized into colors reminiscent of the four seasons.

By wearing personal color clothes and accessories, you can give an impression of good taste. Even if you don’t have confidence in your appearance, you can give a fashionable impression with your personal color conscious fashion.


Type that fits well with the image of vivid flowers in spring. There is a tendency that there are not many Asian people who suit this color.

Skin Color: relatively light, creamy
Hair Color: light brown
Suitable Colors: a light color such as pastel colors
(Ivory, apple-green, clear aqua, peach, coral pink, bright orange, violet, smoked turquoise, camel, etc.)


The color of hydrangea blooming in summer is suitable. About half of the Asian people are this type.

Skin Color: White skin that tends to be reddish
Hair Color: soft black or dark brown
Matching colors: Mainly cool pastel colors
(Lavender gray, navy, pastel aqua, sky blue, soft violet, blue green, powder pink, rose pink, light lemon yellow, rose brown, etc.)


This type goes well with the vivid contrast of autumn leaves.

Skin Color: ivory cream beige
Hair Color: Warm dark brown, brown to black
Suitable colors: a warmer, darker shade
(Beige, dark brown, salmon pink, orange, gold, olive green, marine navy, deep violet, yellow green, etc.)


Vivid, clear color.

Skin Color: either white or dark-colored as snow
Hair Color: Black close to jet-black
Suitable Colors: a distinct color that is perceived as gorgeous or a lighter color than pastels
(Black, Chinese blue, emerald green, lemon yellow, shocking pink, wine red, purple, Icy pink, Icy Aqua, etc.)

Your favorite color is not necessarily your personal color. Check out your face and try a personal color outfit!

The Color of the Clothes is Important to Bring Out Your Charm

Now, you should have understood that the color of clothes greatly affects the impression of people around you.

The attractiveness of a person is never determined by his or her appearance, but people tend to judge his or her personality from his or her appearance. If you want to give a good impression, you should stick to the color of your clothes!