Where Should I Put a Cellphone Ring on Your Cellphone? This Is The RIGHT Way to Place it!

It’s super convenient to use a cellphone ring, but if you’re new to it, you might think that it can be annoying or you might not know where to put it.

So I will show you the recommended position to attach a cellphone ring to a cellphone.

What is Cellphone Ring?

A cellphone ring is a kind of cellphone accessory to attach to the body or cover of a cellphone. It was named “cellphone ring” because of its ring shape (ring).
You can hold a cellphone stably by putting your finger through this ring.

Cellphones in recent years have grown in size, making it difficult to hold them with one hand. You can easily control it with one hand and prevent it from falling.

In addition to “cellphone ring”, it is also called “hold ring” or “bunker ring”.

Benefits of Cellphone Ring

Make It Easier to Hold

Many people with small hands find it difficult to hold a cellphone with one hand. You can hold a cellphone stably by putting your finger through a cellphone ring. If you want to have a big cellphone, but it’s hard to operate it, this item is recommended for those who would think like that.

Prevent From Falling

I think there are many people who dropped their cellphone and scratched the screen. The repair fee of the screen is expensive, and if you leave it, it will lead to a complete breakdown.

Because you use a cellphone ring by putting it through your finger firmly, it becomes harder to drop than a cellphone. Some of them have a cord, and if you connect it to your bag, you can prevent it from falling in case of an emergency.

As an Unique Item

Various designs of cellphone rings are sold. There are simple ones and cute ones, so you can choose according to your preference. If you’re tired of using a regular cellphone case, consider using a cellphone ring.

What is the Right Location For a Cellphone Ring?

Where to Put a Cellphone Ring: Think About the Location With Your Hand Holding the Cellphone

Cellphone rings are attached to the back of a cellphone. For that reason, first think which hand you often hold your cellphone with and then decide where to place it.

If you stick it somewhere in the middle, people with small hands can’t reach it or their fingers can fall out. Especially if you have a big cellphone that is hard to hold with one hand, I recommend you to stick the cellphone ring to the hand holding the cellphone.

If you use your cellphone with your right hand, stick a cellphone ring a little to the right, and if you use your cellphone with your left hand, stick the ring a little to the left.

Think About Where Your Favorite Apps Are

Let’s decide the upper and lower positions [vertical position] after deciding the right and left positions [horizontal position]. If you can reach your fingers to the whole screen of your cellphone, you can put the ring in the middle, but if you can’t reach the whole screen, the top and bottom positions are very important. If you stick it in the middle, it will be difficult to operate the home button below.

You can decide according to your preference, but I recommend you to think about the location of the application you often use. If you type a lot, it will be easier to type if you put it a little lower than the center.
If you often play games with your cellphone while holding it horizontally, it’s good to match it with the center or buttons you often use.

If you watch videos a lot, it’s convenient to put it in the middle when you put your cellphone up.

There is Also a Type that Can Slide the Ring

Basically, you can’t move a cellphone ring once you put it on, but there are some types that you can slide the ring.

The advantage of this type is that you can always return your cellphone to the flat surface, so when you want to put it away compactly or you can charge it wirelessly. If wireless charging is your primary method of charging, you’ll want a slide-out ring.

With Which Finger Should I Use for a Cellphone Ring?

Basically, you can use any finger that is easy to use. Many people use it with their index or middle fingers because they hold a cellphone through a cellphone ring.
You should use a finger which you feel confident that you can hold it stably with the finger.

For The Types That Are Not attached

In addition to using a cellphone ring by attaching it to the back, there is also a “ring strap” which is a strap. Also known as “finger strap” or “wrist strap”.

This is attached to a cellphone like a strap, so it doesn’t interfere with the design of the back. This type can be used with any finger. However, for models without strap holes, you will need to use a cellphone case.


There are many different designs for cellphone rings, but if you want to make your own unique cellphone ring, you can try making an original cellphone ring.