Washing Method of Original Print T-Shirt

My favorite original T-shirt was made with great effort and printed beautifully, but it was ruined because I washed it in the wrong way…

If you’ve ever made an original T-shirt, you’ve probably noticed it at least once.

  • I want to make the print last longer! But what should I do?
  • I’m worried about the color fading, but how should I wash it?
  • Can I use the dryer?

If you want to use your favorite original T-shirt for a long time, just add a little bit of effort when washing and the print will last for a long time. Here’s how to wash your original printed T-shirt.

How to Wash Printed T-shirts

Before washing, first check the washing sign.

The washing signs are on the back of the tags of your T-shirts. Let’s flip it over and check. In this photo, it says to wash with water (hot water) up to 40 degrees Celsius. The ironing temperature is medium, but you can never iron the print!

Watch out for these writings in the list below!

From the left, it says “Weak 40” “No Bleach”, “Ironing Medium”, “No Dry.” The display may differ in other countries. See “List of symbols for laundry marking” below.

The Meaning of the Symbols on the Tags and the Washing Signs

I will explain the meanings of the symbols in the photo above. First, “Weak 40” means wash with water up to 40 degrees [104 F] or warm water. “エンソサラシ” means don’t use chlorine bleach.

“Ironing” means that the temperature setting should be moderate (140 ~ 160 Celsius degrees [284-320 Fahrenheit]). However, in this case, there is a sign of covering cloth, so please put a thin handkerchief on the T-shirt and iron it! If you really want to iron the printed part, turn it over and lightly iron it.

“Drying” means that it cannot be dry-cleaned. Please be careful when you take it out for cleaning.

There are many other kinds of symbols, but the basic symbols of T-shirts and polo shirts are these ones above.

List of symbols for Laundry

Let’s check the laundry sign of clothes when you buy in the future.

Reference: http://www.textileaffairs.com/

List of Washing Instructions

Reference: https://removeandreplace.com/

How to Wash Printed T-shirts

For printed T-shirts, basically you turn them over and wash them. This is to reduce the color fading and the printed part of the clothes from the damage of the washing machine by turning them over.
After turning it over, put it in the net and wash it with “Weak (soft) water flow.”

*Don’t use a dryer! Also, do not leave it in the washing machine for a long time. The printed parts will stick together and peel off.

After washing, please turn the T-shirt upside down and dry it in the shade so that it won’t lose its shape. (The photo is just an image)

Also, if you dry it in direct sunlight, the print might dry out, so please avoid it! The durability of the print will decrease with time, washing and wearing.

It may be a bit of a hassle, but please try it!