How to Choose Colors and Patterns of Cell Phone Cases that Are Good for Feng Shui! What Color Brings Good Fortune?

If you know your lucky color but you don’t know how to incorporate it, there’s a way to incorporate it into your cell phone case.

Even though it’s called a lucky color, it has various meanings depending on the color, such as a color to boost your luck in love and a color to improve your luck in work.

Also, patterns have meanings, so I will show you how to choose colors and patterns in order to improve your fortune.

Pink Brings Luck in Love

Pink color is a representative color that enhances women’s luck in love.

It is a color of love that stimulates the secretion of female hormones and gives a feeling of happiness and security.

The pink cellphone case naturally enhances your femininity.

Reset the feeling with white

I recommend you to choose white color when you feel uncomfortable and don’t feel refreshed.

White has the effect of making the lymph system clean and making it easier to remove unnecessary things.

It helps purify your mind rather than improving your luck.

Yellow Color Expresses Energy and Fun

It is said that yellow has an effect of creating a friendly atmosphere and making people happy or energetic.

Also, you may become your mind clear and active.

When you want to concentrate on your study or work, you can place a yellow cellphone case nearby, and you can expect the effect of increasing your concentration.

Be Positive in Orange

Orange helps your intestines to work, makes your food look tastier and more appetizing, encourages your depressed and negative heart, and makes it easier to boost your luck.

It also makes people feel like chatting when they see someone wearing an orange, which makes you more popular.

Red Increases Your Energy and Active Drive

Red creates energy, anger, and intense emotions.

They are particularly prone to elicit feelings of anger, so when they become angry or irritable, they are more likely to develop the ability to turn that emotion into action.

However, be careful when choosing a color that has a dark color combined such as black at the same time as red [example: dark red] because it increases the power of anger.

Learn to Think Calmly in Blue

Blue has the effect of encouraging people to think calmly so that they don’t regret their actions based only on their emotions.

This color has the image of a person who can work from this, or a person who can be trusted.

At the same time, blue has a refreshing color image, so it is said to have an effect to relieve pain and headache.

Green Helps Improve Any Ill Feelings

When you are not feeling well, or when you feel unstable due to physical and mental fatigue, the green color gives you comfort.

You can relieve fatigue and relieve tension and return your body to normal.

And since it also has the aspect of luck with money, those who want to improve their physical condition and make a good job will change their luck by carrying it as a cellphone case.

Purple: Sense of Beauty

Purple means a person who has beauty, sense, high spirituality and high virtue.

It’s also a color that helps you recover from illness and physical strength.

If you want to be more beautiful or spiritual, you can use it in your cellphone case.

Protect Yourself With Black Dark Power

Black is a color that protects you from anything you don’t like or helps you feel better when you want to block yourself.

However, if you use it too much, you can keep people away from you and lower your fortune. So you need to be careful how you choose.

Winning With Gold

Gold is a recommended color especially for those who want to improve their luck with money.

Gold is also useful for people who want to increase their savings or make a successful investment.

Not only luck with money, but if you have a rival in business or love, it strengthens your luck so that you can win.

Shape: Heart is a Symbol of Love

The heart shape makes it easier to open your mind and express your affection.

It’s not only love for the opposite sex, but it’s also a pattern that makes you want to love regardless of sex or animal.

Restart Your Mind With the Rainbow

If you make the base of your cellphone case white and choose a pattern that reminds you of nature such as rainbow, wind, or sky, it will be easier to think about starting a new one.

If you’re feeling unhappy because of a breakup with your partner or a job failure, you can restart and get going.

Birds Bring Happiness

Having a bird shape makes it easier to bring good fortune.

The point is that a cellphone case with a pattern of many birds is the right choice.

It is said that having more birds than one can bring more happiness.

Oranges [Fruit] Hasten Success

If your cellphone case has orange lame or fruit patterns, your efforts will bear fruit and speed up your success.

In particular, fruit oranges can boost a person’s vitality and boost their momentum and power, providing strong support for those who want faster results.

Conscious of the Strength of a Horse

If you want to be active and ready to take action, a horse-patterned cellphone case will help you.

Horses have the power to make it easier to take action, and by moving, their luck will move in a good direction.

Become Cautious With an Owl

The bass of a cellphone case is dark blue, and if you choose an owl, which is a calm, cautious animal, you can develop the ability to think carefully and judge calmly.

It’s especially useful if you make a lot of mistakes, or if you have a lot of things to be careful about, like getting injured quickly.

Heal Your Mind and Body With Plants

The pattern of ornamental plants and the image of the forest soothes the feelings and heals the pain and hardship.

You should be able to recover gradually rather than immediately.

The Glitter Makes You Beautiful

The cellphone case with sparkling lame and colored beads enhances your sense of beauty.

Not only the beauty of appearance, but also the inner beauty, such as tenderness and strength, can be nurtured.

Expressing Artistic Quality in Universe

Space and planets are patterns that enhance artistry and creativity.

A black cellphone case with galaxies or stars will help you amplify your inner imagination and make what you want to express what you want.

Seize the Greatest Fortune in Dragons

If you make the whole cellphone case gold color and make the handle dragon, it will be easy to get the best luck of money and victory.

If you choose ascending dragon as a point, it will be easier to connect by increasing your fortune.

You Can Choose Your Favorite Color and Pattern and Order a Cellphone Case!

It’s an easy way to boost your luck by adding your own lucky color and choosing each color and pattern to use in your cellphone case.

If you can’t find a favorite cellphone case, you can order one and use the one that fits you.