Fabric and Material Types of Selection of Polo Shirts

Now that businessmen in summer are wearing polo shirt as an alternative to business suits and polo shirt coordination became popular among men as office casual clothes. You might want to wear a polo shirt this summer! Even if you have confidence in your fashion, you want to enjoy polo shirts more!

In order to be able to choose polo shirts according to the fashion scene, let’s start with knowing polo shirt materials and fabrics first. If you think “I don’t like the design of all of them,” knowing the difference of materials might help you when you decide to order to make your original polo shirt!

Fabric Types and Characteristics of Polo Shirts

This section introduces the fabric and material types and features of the polo shirt. We’ll also show you how to use each material in different situations, so you can pick a polo shirt that suits your lifestyle.

Material of the Polo Shirt


It is extremely popular as a polo shirt material because of its excellent moisture absorbency and moisture release properties.

Ideal for Office and Casual Use


It is very strong and elastic, so the fabric is characterized by its resilience and luster. This material has low moisture absorption, so it dries quickly even if you sweat, and is often used in sports. It doesn’t wrinkle easily and is strong for washing, so it is sometimes mixed with cotton.

Ideal for Active Scenes Such as Sports

Blended Fiber

It is made of cotton and polyester to take the good characteristics. It has functions such as hygroscopicity, breathability, quick-drying, washing strength and shape maintenance.

Ideal for Office and Casual Use

The Fabric of a Polo Shirt

~ For Office Use ~

Tenjiku Fabric

The front looks and feels smooth but the back looks a little rough. It has a moderate stretch that stretches side to side rather than the front side, so it fits well and is the mainstream knitting method for T-shirts and underwear. The fabric is light and thin.

Because it stretches sideways, it is not suitable for the scene where you move your body intensely such as sports. Comfortable to wear, stretchy, breathable, and visually appealing, it is ideal for office use and everyday use. Wearing a jacket looks stylish. This is great for a stylish person like you.


Because the front and back of the weave are interchanged, the mesh is uneven and the pattern looks like a deer’s back, so it is called “Kanoko.” It is stretchable compared to Tenjiku knitting, but the lateral stretch is not so much. It’s a knitting method that doesn’t lose its shape and can be worn for a long time. In addition, the uneven finish reduces the area of adhesion to the skin, resulting in excellent breathability.

Recommended for the summer time when you want to keep the shape and focus on good ventilation. Great for the office.

Kanoko Polyester

A knitting method that uses polyester yarn that is excellent in sweat absorbing and quick drying on the back side of the regular stitch stitch. Made with “copulation” cotton yarn woven vertically and horizontally for a dry and fresh fit.

Ideal for Those Who Sweat a Lot and For the Summer Office Scene.

Circular Rib Fabric

It’s similar to Tenjiku, but the vertical cotton gives a strong impression and it’s more stretchy than Tenjiku.

It has a sleek look, so it goes well with a jacket to go with office casual.

~ Casual Style ~

Honeycomb Mesh

It is called “honeycomb mesh” because it is a mesh material with a three-dimensional structure like a honeycomb. The outside is convex, so it breathes well, doesn’t get sticky even when sweating, keeps comfortable wear, and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Recommended for Sports Scenes

Polyester Mesh

Made with 100% polyester for a thin, quick drying finish. The fine evenness and smoothness make it look and feel refreshing.

Best for Summer or Sports.

Double Face Fabric

It’s made of two layers of fabric. You can change the pattern on the inside and the outside, and it is made of a material that you can often see with a stylish polo shirt.

Perfect for casual daily use. The material is thick, so it might be difficult to use in summer?!


Depending on the fabric and material of the polo shirt, the texture and feeling will be completely different. Please refer to it to get a polo shirt that suits your style.

If you get bored with ready-made polo shirts, you might want to consider creating an original polo shirt. The difference between the base material and the material has a big influence on the finish, so you should definitely check it out. I hope this article helps you enjoy polo shirts more.