It’s Too Early to Throw It Away! Clever Makeover Ideas of the Towel You Want to Do Right Now

Towels that are available at any home are often given as gifts, and this is one of the items that tend to accumulate at home without being organized.

Even if it’s used, you might feel that the print or pattern is cute, it’s from your favorite brand, and it’s something that you have a strong feeling attached to it.

There are many people who can’t throw away such towels.
In those cases, why don’t you use it as a makeover material?
Here are some of the best makeover ideas you can make with a used towel or a towel you can sleep on at home.

It is a must-see for those who are having trouble with throwing away used favorite towels.

Towel is Actually Excellent Material for Makeover!

Makeover items made out of old T-shirts and denim are usually thrown away, but depending on the idea, they can be sold at a high price.

In addition to working on it personally, shops specializing in makeover are available now and makeover has become popular in recent years.

You might be surprised to hear that you do a makeover with a towel, but it has advantages of being a towel!

  • Towels can be washed
  • You can use the texture as well as the pattern of the fabric
  • You can make an item that makes use of the towel’s functionality

If you have too many towels to throw away, but you don’t know what to do with them.
In the next section, I will introduce some makeover ideas.

I want to imitate it right now! 10 Wise Towel Makeover Techniques for Everyone

I want to makeover but I don’t know what material to use!
Look at a lot of good examples.

“Oh, this towel can do this.”
You might have an idea.

Standard “dust cloth”

I think there are many people who have the experience of sewing old towels and taking them for cleaning at school.

Even if you don’t buy a cloth, you can just use a towel cloth that is absorbent and suitable for wiping dirt.

If you makeover it by stitching cute patterns and illustrations, you can enjoy cleaning.

It is often made with a face towel, but it is also OK to cut a bath towel.

If you want to Makeover a towel with nice texture and material “Pillowcase”

Pillow cover essential to prevent the pillow from getting dirty.
In fact, do you know that it is very comfortable to make a pillow case using a towel with a good touch and texture?

It is easy to make, just prepare the towel material cut according to the size of the pillow and sew it together.
Of course, you can make it cute with patchwork.

You won’t know how comfortable it is until you experience it, so please try putting a towel with good material on the pillow. I’m sure you’ll want to make a pillow case!

When the bath towel gets old, please try it! “bath mat”

It is a bath towel which is indispensable after taking a bath, but a bath mat to keep the floor from getting wet is also necessary as a set, isn’t it?

If you don’t spread it out, the floor might get moldy.
It’s relatively cheap, but it costs money to buy it.

I recommend you to makeover your old bath towel into a bath mat.
It is suitable as a material because it absorbs water well.
You can sew it roughly, and you can use any towel as material.

It’s very easy and economical, and I recommend it because it’s good for remaking practice.

Stylish and washable. “towel pouch”

Pouches that can be used to organize small items such as cosmetics and stationery are useful.

This towel with a favorite pattern and design is perfect as a material for a pouch. Small towels such as hand towels can be used as material.
The recommended way to make it is to cut the design and pattern of the towel with the completion in mind and just sew the edge and the zipper.

The combination of the materials makes for a unique look. The handmade feel of towel materials is also attractive.
Zipper finish may be a little difficult, but it’s worth trying!

Unlike ready-made pouches, this pouch can be washed if it gets dirty with cosmetics or pens.

Can you make something like this? “Wall Pocket”

A wall pocket that neatly arranges daily necessities, makes it easy to take out whenever you want, and also functions as an interior.

It is a large-scale work, but the process itself is easy and it is recommended for makeover beginners if it takes time.

Simply cut and sew a hand towel or face towel on a large material such as a bath towel.
The combination of design and color is the highlight of your arms.

You can also use it as an accent by sewing pockets of used pants or combining it with something other than towel material.
If you have a lot of unnecessary towels, please give it a try.

Characters and embroidery are also cute! “Stai”

You definitely want to make cute baby bibs by hand.

For delicate baby skin, there are many things suitable for bibs such as organic towels.

We also paid attention to the durability and absorbency of towels. It can be wiped off easily even if milk is spilled, and it does not get damaged even after washing many times.
I definitely recommend remaking bibs rather than buying ingredients.

It will look cute if you makeover a towel with a cute pattern or character, or embroider your name.

Personally customize your favorite towel! “Towel Makeover”

“towel makeover”… I mean it as it is, but let’s makeover your favorite ready-made towel by yourself! That’s the suggestion.

“The material is good, but it’s too simple…” “THE DESIGN ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH…” “I WANT TO SHOW MY PERSONALITY…”
Do you ever feel this kind of thing when you use a towel?

Take off the towel tag, sew on the handle, or just add a little variation to create a unique towel!

You can’t use a used towel, but if you have a towel in a chest, please try remaking it.

Sturdy, washable and smudgy. “Baby clothes and children’s clothes”

Babies and small children move a lot, so they don’t have to worry about messing up their clothes, do they?

If you’ve ever bought designer clothes for someone, you’ve probably already destroyed them.

For clothes for babies and small children, a big towel like a bath towel can be used as a material for clothes.
“sturdy” “wash” “It feels good.” These towels are perfect for naughty kids.

It will be a little difficult makeover, but if you have a small child, why don’t you try it?

Making use of the texture of a towel “Stuffed toy”

If you want to make handicrafts such as stuffed animals, you have to prepare some materials at a handicraft shop. If it is a good material, it costs more than you think.

In that case, don’t you make it with towel material? The fluffy texture of the towel is, in fact, highly recommended for handicrafts such as stuffed animals.

And if you don’t use the towel anymore, you can use it without worrying about failure.

If it is made of high quality organic material, I recommend making it for baby’s toy. It’s safe and very popular.

Great comfort! “towel slippers”

Since the towel boom, many products that make use of towel cloth have been released besides their original purpose. Towel slippers are one of them.

The towel fabric’s unique advantages such as texture, texture and durability make it perfect for slippers.

They are comfortable to wear, and many people wear towel slippers.
Of course, if you worry about dirt, you can wash it anytime and many times.

Towel material is recommended for sanitary slippers.

Make a new towel!

How was it? We’ve talked about how towels are a great makeover material, and some ideas for remaking.

But towels are made as consumables, so even if you makeover them, it’s difficult to use them all the time, and it’s time to say goodbye.

But I want to keep using my favorite towel. Children’s favorite things are hard to throw away. If that’s the case, you can make the same thing!