Use Items from Dollar Stores! How to Make a Handmade Cellphone Cases & 10 Ideas

With DIY gaining popularity, more and more people are making their own cellphone cases.

It is possible to make a stylish cellphone case by hand that is different from the ones around you just by using the items available at dollar stores.

I will show you how to make a cellphone case using dollar items, so please make your own original design.

Stylish With Your Favorite Fabric

The idea is to simply stick a piece of fabric from a dollar store onto an existing cellphone case, but it changes the mood completely.

The point is to stick it with wood glue so that air doesn’t get in.

If you combine several fabrics, the original feeling will be enhanced.

The gentle texture of the fabric will warm you up.

The Pressed Flower of UV Resin is Recommended for Natural Lovers

UV resin hardens when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Available at dollar stores, this material can be used with pressed flowers to create an original cellphone case with a natural feel.

We recommend combining your favorite dried flowers to bring out your original taste.

Try to Create a Pop Cellphone Case with Masking Tape

Let’s make an original cellphone case by hand using a masking tape, which is essential for DIY.

All you have to do is buy masking tapes of various designs at a dollar store, and apply them vertically or diagonally.

A pop cellphone case is ready in no time.

Gorgeous Design With Rhinestones

If you want to make a flashy and eye-catching cellphone case by hand, you should get rhinestones at a dollar store.

You can make a very stylish original cellphone case by sticking it to your favorite shape one by one with glue.

It will be more colorful if you combine rhinestones of different sizes and colors.

Transfer Stickers Changes a Plain Cellphone Case Stylish

Transfer stickers, which are available at dollar stores, are convenient goods that you can transfer original designs to a cellphone case without design patterns.

There are so many original design stickers that you wouldn’t think it’s a dollar.

The important point is that just by putting transfer stickers you can create high quality makeover of a cellphone case.

Must Use Decoupage for Popular Handmade Cellphone Cases

This become a hot topic recently, handmade technique to use decoupage.

You can put the design of your favorite paper napkin on the cellphone case.

First, prepare paper napkins and decoupage liquid sold at a dollar store.

After you put the special liquid on a transparent cellphone case, flip a paper napkin and stick the one layer of the paper napkin with the pattern on the case.

After cutting unnecessary paper and applying finishing liquid, you just leave it to harden.

The trick is to stick it firmly so that bubbles don’t form.

Lace-Up Ribbon Seems Very Girly

Various handicraft items are available at dollar stores. How about making your favorite ribbon in a lace-up style and applying it to a cellphone case?

The quality is so excellent that you wouldn’t think it was handmade, and you would want to be proud of it.

If you focus on the ribbon type and material, you can get closer to your ideal cellphone case.

Cellphone Case Made with Wool: Perfect for Fall and Winter

I recommend knitting the wool yarn sold at a dollar store and sticking it on the cellphone case as it has an original taste.

Knitted according to the size of the transparent cellphone case, and then firmly fixed with a glue gun.

You can even feel the season with this handmade cellphone case.

The Cute Decorating Parts Make it Easy and Gorgeous

If you just want to make an easy and stylish cellphone case, you can make it with the most of the decorating parts at a dollar store.

There are various decoration parts such as flowers, stars and hearts, so it is not difficult to create it with your original taste.

Apply your favorite parts as you like and it will be ready right away.

You can get a stylish cell phone case surprisingly easily.

Just Apply a Design Sheet, Change the Look

The good thing about the design sheet is that you can change the overall look by 180 degrees just by applying.

Choose your favorite from a variety of design sheets such as wood grain, tiles, and botanical.

When you find a sheet that you feel like “This is it!”, put it on the transparent case evenly.

We recommend adding stones, ribbons and stickers for more an original taste.

Even if it’s handmade, you can make it look stylish by applying items with your own taste.

Difficult to Make Your Own Cellphone Case?! If so, Let’s Order it!

Even with reasonable dollar store items, you can make a unique cellphone case by hand depending on your ideas.

If you feel like you are not sure if you can make it by hand because you are clumsy, but you want an original cellphone case.

You may be able to order your own cellphone case.