[Must-See: Clumsy? No Worries] The Wrapping Looks Different! Fashionable Ways to Tie Ribbons with Bowknot and Ribbon Knot

Good news for those who don’t like tying ribbons! This article shows you how to tie a ribbon and put a box on it, even if you are not good at it.

With these, the original wrapping will look so stylish!

YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! Super Stylish! Wrapping with a Ribbon

The basic of wrapping is how to tie a ribbon.

But quite a few people say, “We are trying hard to wrap it as original, but the ribbon may look sloppy…” or “I especially don’t like ribbons on the front and back… I can’t tie it as well as the shop staff…”.

Actually, there is a little trick to make a ribbon tie neatly. If you know the trick, you will be able to tie a very beautiful ribbon regardless of your skills.

In this article, I’ll show you how to make a proper bowknot and ribbon knot, which is the basis of wrapping. If you can make a beautiful ribbon knot, the wrapping will look different and it will be very stylish!

Ribbon knot can be used not only for wrapping but also for other occasions such as shoelaces and hair arrangement, so please master it.

Basics of Wrapping! Correct Way to Tie a Bowknot and Ribbon Knot

First, I will explain the basics of wrapping, which are a bowknot and a ribbon knot. The use of bow knot and ribbon knot depends on whether the ribbon has front and back.

Bowknot: How to tie the ribbon with no front and back sides.
Ribbon knot: If the ribbon you are using has both sides, knot it.

Then, I will explain with videos.

Proper Way to Make a Bowknot

Video from Shimojima’s official: YouTube channel “How to tie a ribbon “bowknot.””

Watch the video to learn how to make a bowknot.

<<How to tie a bowknot>>

  1. Put the right ribbon under the left ribbon, pull it out and tie it once. The ribbon is shown with the right side up and the left side down. Pull it right and left to tighten it.
  2. Stand the ribbon on your left hand and fold it in two toward you to make “the right-hand ring of a bowknot”.
  3. Cover the ring with the ribbon on your right hand.
  4. Put the ribbon of the right hand from the bottom of the ring, put it into the ring and pull it out to the upper left as the ribbon of the left hand.
  5. Pinch the ring to tighten it while balancing.
  6. Cut the ribbons on the bottom to make the right and left sides even. Completed!

(6) If you change the way you cut the ribbon, the look will change, so please try various ways.

Tie the front and back ribbons with a ribbon tie!

King Gym’s official YouTube channel “How to Tie a Ribbon Well”

The ribbons with the front and back sides are hard to tie because the front and back of the ribbons are mixed and come out. To make all of the front side to the front, you will need to master “ribbon knot”. The trick is to roll the middle circle twice just before making the left circle. Once you get used to it, you can tie it beautifully, so please master it.

<<How to Tie a Ribbon Knot>>

  1. Pass the right ribbon under the left ribbon.
  2. Tie it so the back of the ribbon comes out on the upper right.
  3. Fold the ribbon on the left hand side to the front to make a “the right-hand ring of a bowknot”. Feeling like folding to the right
  4. With the ribbon on the upper right, wrap the circle you made earlier twice. At this time, the ribbon in the roll is facing up.
  5. The 2nd circle is taken out from the left through the 1st circle to make “the left circle of a bowknot”. Don’t move the “the right-hand circle of a bowknot” that you made first. Lightly pull the “left circle” and “right circle” that were pulled out in (4) at the same time.
  6. Once the length of the ribbon is decided by tightening it tightly, cut the ribbon evenly to the left and right and it’s done.

Various Wrapping Ideas with Ribbon Knot

Once you’ve mastered the basics of making bowknot and ribbon knot, try a little advanced wrapping ideas! You can make your original wrapping stand out and make it gorgeous with just a little effort.

Double Ribbons

If you can tie bowknot and ribbon knot twice in a row, you can make a double ribbon. It’s a simple way to tie a knot that makes your hair look gorgeous. Let’s try it while watching the video.

Video by oshaberibon “How to Tie the Ribbon 7: Double Bow”

<<Eight Loop Bow>>

It’s a way to make 2 ribbon parts in advance and make a ribbon that looks gorgeous. You just make parts separately and attach them when you tie them, so even clumsy people can make them neatly.

Video by gift noie “How to Make a Ribbon [Easy and Gorgeous! How to Make a Eight Loop Bow.]”

How to Make a Ribbon to Wrap a Box or Bag Look Stylish

Once you’re able to tie a ribbon nicely, it’s time to master how to tie a ribbon to decorate a box or bag. It will look very stylish even if you use two kinds of wrapping methods, basic and diagonal. Basically, you can tie the bag like a satchel, but you can change it by adding a little more taste to it. Check out the video below to see it in action.

A variety of ways to box ribbons

Basic wrap is a basic boxing method that is useful in all situations. On the other hand, tying ribbon diagonally is often used when you want to show the design in the center because the ribbon is at both ends.

Basic Wapping

Video from Shimojima’s official YouTube channel “How to Wrap a Box with a Ribbon”

  1. Decide the length of the ribbon needed for the bow, and hold it with your left hand so that you won’t forget it.
  2. Turn the short side to the left, and roll the box around with the long ribbon until it is above the first ribbon.
  3. Cross the ribbons and turn them up and down. Make sure that both sides of the ribbon are on the top when crossing.
  4. While holding down the short ribbon with your left hand, put the long ribbon under the intersection from the lower left to the upper right and pull the right and left ribbons to tighten.
  5. After that, it is finished with a usual bow knot or a ribbon knot.

<<Tying Ribbon Diagonally>>

Video from Shimojima’s official YouTube channel “How to Tie a Ribbon Diagonally”

  1. Decide the length of the ribbon needed for the bow, and hold it with your left hand so that you won’t forget it.
  2. Diagonal from the top center of the box to the right, pull the ribbon up from the bottom of the left side through the bottom of the box, tie the ribbon down, and roll the ribbon back through the back of the box to the top center (first point). At this point, there are ribbons on the upper right and lower left portions of the box.
  3. Tie it once where the ribbons cross, and make a bow when the ribbons tighten at the corners of the box.
  4. Slide the bow so that it is in the center of the strong ribbon on the upper right.

Decorate the bag stylishly with ribbon!

The wrapping of a bag will look stylish with just the way you tie the ribbon like the box. Once you have mastered the basic
“Drawstring Knot”, you should try the flower shaped wrapping and envelope wrapping to make the bag look gorgeous.

<<Basic of Drawstring knot>>

Video by Jwell.com “YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW!? How to Tie a Cute Ribbon ~ Wrapped in a Bag ~”

Basically, if you master this drawstring knot, you can wrap the bag. All you have to do is to fold the opening of the bag in the shape of a gather in advance, and then tie the opening with a ribbon. Even a clumsy person can do it beautifully and make it look gorgeous, so let’s try it.

<<Flower Shaped Wrap that Makes the Drawstring Knot Look Gorgeous>>

Video by toyoumo “Flower Shaped wrapping: Squeeze Wrap ~ Wrap Your Clothes ~ Easy! Fashionable Wrapping for a Present”

The flower shaped wrapping that makes the basic drawstring knot look gorgeous is an advanced technique that can be used to wrap clothes and other fabric items. You can try it in various situations, so let’s try it.

<<A Gorgeous Envelope with Two Ribbons>>

Video by toyoumo “Envelope Wrap: Original Envelope Wrap ~ Scarf Wrap ~ Easy! Fashionable Wrapping for a Present”

If you use 2 ribbons to wrap a bag like an envelope with “envelope wrapping”, it will look very stylish. In the video above, it’s made from envelopes, so if you just want to check how to tie the ribbon, check out this video.

Original Gift with Stylish Ribbon Wrap

If you master how to tie a ribbon, why don’t you make an original present?
The contents of the present and the wrapping are original, so let’s give a present that only you can make.

You Can Learn How to Tie the Ribbon and Make a Stylish Original Wrapping!

What did you about this article “[Must-See: Clumsy? No Worries] The Wrapping Looks Different! Fashionable Ways to Tie Ribbons with Bowknot and Ribbon Knot”?

Even if you just master the basic way of tying, the wrapping will look so beautiful that you can’t believe it. Let’s try various wrapping methods and make a wonderful wrapping.

Also, if you can make your own wrapping, please make your own gift! Share your feelings with the only gift you can get in a world!