EASY MAKEOVER! Using a Adhesive Sheet for Cellphone Case? Thorough Explanations of Advantages and Usability!

What kind of cellphone case do you use?

If you’re using an Android phone or an older iPhone, you probably have a lot of trouble with the lack of cellphone cases.

In that case, I recommend an adhesive sheet type of a cellphone case because it is compatible with various models and has a wide variety of designs.

This section summarizes the adhesive sheet-type cellphone cases. Please refer to it if you are worried because you have never used it.

What is an Adhesive Sheet-Type Cellphone Case?

Adhesive sheet type of cellphone cases are compatible with various models, so I recommend them to people who have been having trouble with few choices of cellphone cases.

Also, when you make an original cellphone case, you can continue to use the case you used before the model change as long as it is an adhesive sheet type of a cellphone case and a cellphone that fits inside the cellphone case even if the model changes.

You can use an adhesive sheet type of a cellphone case by sticking it on your cellphone as it is or by sticking it on top of the case.

When you attach directly to a cellphone, the trick to make it last longer is to clean the surface of the cellphone before applying.

The adhesive sheet is quite strong, so if you wipe the dirt and oil on the surface before sticking it, it won’t come off even if you shake or drop your cellphone.

However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t come off once you stick it on, you can peel it off easily if you use some force, so you can use it with ease.

Also, if you stick it on top of the case, it’s convenient because you don’t have to peel it off from the adhesive sheet each time you remove your cellphone from the case.

How Long Does an Adhesive Sheet Last?

There may be an assumption that an adhesive sheet type of a cellphone case may deteriorate and become unusable right away.

Surely, if you repeatedly stick and peel off, the adhesive power will be weakened.

But in that case, if you wash the part of the adhesive sheet with water and dry it well, the adhesive power will be restored and you will be able to stick it again.

If the adhesive power is too weak to stick firmly even if you wash it with water, you can deal with it by replacing the adhesive sheet or sticking the adhesive tape on it.

You will notice if the adhesive power is getting weaker while you are using your phone, so your phone won’t fall out of its case without you realizing it.

If I Peel It Off, it Might Leave a Mark On My Cellphone…!?

Some people may worry that the adhesive power is too strong to leave a mark on the cellphone when it is removed.

The adhesive sheet is made of a special material different from the sticker, so it won’t leave a mark even if you peel it off.

Adhesive can be a little bad for your cellphone, but if you use a nail polish remover or a cotton pad soaked with alcohol to gently wipe it off, you can clean it up right away.

Is There a Cellphone That Can’t Use an Adhesive Sheet Cellphone Case?

On cellphones with rough surfaces, adhesive sheets can’t be applied well or come off easily.

But even with such a cellphone, you can use an adhesive sheet type of cellphone case if you use a adhesive sheet over a case.

There is a simple design case that can be used with any transparent model, so you can attach a cellphone case of your favorite design by using an adhesive sheet type of of a cellphone case.

5 Recommended Cellphone Cases of Adhesive Sheet Type

If you use an adhesive sheet type of a cellphone case, you can decorate various types of cell phones fashionably, so I recommend it.

Here, I will introduce 5 cellphone cases of adhesive sheet type, so please refer to them.

Case Play Jam Notebook Type Cellphone Case

Source: https://phocase.jp/aquos_r2/?material=3

Comes with a mirror for girls, and convenient storage space for credit cards or any types of cards.

There are many designs.

FANCY TOY Notebook Type Cellphone Case

Source: http://fancyalamode-me.ocnk.net/product/1630

The girly design is attractive.

You can use any model as long as it fits.

CINRA STORE Pocketbook Case

Source: https://store.cinra.net/feature/detail.php?postid=3437

Attractive unique design.

You can differentiate your cellphone case with this case from others.


Source: https://www.strapya.com/products/477591.html

The sophisticated texture and simple design of this item will be perfect a grown-up guy.

Diary Case Multi Type

Source: https://www.strapya.com/products/479344.html

This cell phone case has a cute large ribbon and looks like a wallet.

Original Cellphone Case is also Recommended!

All cellphone cases with various designs are attractive, but I recommend you to make an original cellphone case.