How to wash a T-shirt that does not stretch around the neck

I taught you a trick how to fix the neck of the stretched T-shirt previously. Have you tried?
There were people around me who didn’t know about it and I received a lot of feedback.

But I don’t want my neck to get stretched.

If you want to know what precautions you can take “How to wash a T-shirt that doesn’t stretch around the neck.”, here’s what you can do. This is also very easy, so please give it a try!

What you need for washing a T-shirt when you don’t want your T-shirt around the neck to get stretched out.

There are the two things you need to prepare. These things should be in every house already, so let’s look for it right away.

  • Rubber bands
  • Laundry nets (you can get it in dollar stores)

How to Wash (1). Secure the Neck Area with Rubber Bands

This time, I will use a heavyweight T-shirt that is perfect for casual outfits and has a crisp feeling among short sleeve T-shirts. I designed this for everyday use.

First, grab around the neck.

Use a rubber band to tie it around the neck twice.

The preparation is only this. It’s easy, isn’t it?

How to Wash (2). Washing Machine

Let’s put the T-shirt with rubber bands in the net before putting it in the washing machine. (You can get a laundry net at dollar stores.)

I’ll put it in the washing machine. As for the laundry course, I recommend “Soft cycle (weak current)”. Use fabric softener as you like.

And wash it for about 40 minutes…

How to Wash (3). Completed! Let’s Open it Up

I just took it out of the laundry net.

Let’s remove the rubber band. You can stretch out the wrinkles on a T-shirt by tapping it with your palm. Please do not pull.

And, after this…

Take a little effort to keep the neck area of a T-shirt not to get stretched out …

There are many ways to dry a T-shirt without extending around the neck, but this time I put a laundry pole from the sleeve to the sleeve to dry it.

With this, not only around the neck but also the whole body will not be damaged by drying.

I dried it in the bathroom this time, but if you don’t have space, I recommend you to dry it in the shade, which is not exposed to direct sunlight and has good ventilation.

How was it? It’s very easy.
Just add a little bit of effort to your usual laundry, and your favorite original T-shirt will last for a long time! Please tell your family and friends about it. (^ ^)