Is it old-fashioned to use hangers for your T-shirts? The latest storage technique that does not stretch your T-shirts and does not leave marks

Is it old-fashioned to use hangers for your T-shirts when you store put them in your closet? I will teach you the latest storage technique that does not stretch your T-shirts and does not leave marks on your T-shirts.

You want to keep using your favorite original T-shirts for a long time. Many people think that T-shirts should be stored on hangers, but in fact, the best way to prevent T-shirts from stretching or leaving marks is to fold them.

In this article, I will introduce the reasons why T-shirts should be folded and stored, the latest storage techniques that can be done in a flash, and solutions to T-shirt troubles. Please refer to it!

Are you still using hangers to store T-shirts? Surprising reasons to fold T-shirts to store

Using hangers to store T-shirts

There may be many people who store T-shirts on hangers.
Designers and apparel workers say “T-shirts should be folded and stored”. The reason is that a T-shirt is easy to be stretched out. Putting a T-shirt on a hanger puts an extra burden to the fabric.

Have you ever experienced having in the t-shirt neck and shoulders stretched out? The cause may be hangers. When putting a T-shirt on a hanger, many people stretch the neck of the T-shirt and put the hanger inside. Of course, the T-shirt will be stretched out.

Cotton Fabric Material

In particular, be sure to fold cotton T-shirts not putting on hangers. Materials such as cotton fabric can cause elongation even when gravity is applied to a hanger. Also, if you put it on a hanger for a long time, the t-shirt may leave a hanger mark.

For this reason, you should fold rather than using hangers to extend the life of your T-shirt. Remember that you can only put items on hangers, such as suits and dresses, that are easily wrinkled.

Introducing the latest T-shirt storage techniques that do not stretch to your T-shirts, do not leave marks, and can be done in seconds!

To be honest, it’s difficult and troublesome to fold a T-shirt. So here’s how you can do it in seconds, and your T-shirt doesn’t stretch, you’ll learn how to store it.

First, place your T-shirt on a flat surface such as a floor or table.

Please imagine the letter “T” at a position about 5cm (about 2 inches) from the edge.

Pinch Point “A” where the two lines intersect.

Grab Point “B” on the same line as Point “A” and bring “B” under “A” to cross your arms.

Pull out the arm holding “A” and unfold the cross

Fold the left sleeve in.

Finally, fold it in half!

It may be a little difficult at first, but you can do it quickly after repeating. As long as you master it, you can do it easily, and there are no wrinkles or marks on the T-shirt. Please practice and be able to perform perfect folding quickly.

What is a gentle washing method that extends the life of a T-shirt?

Hand Washing

It is no exaggeration to say that laundry is the biggest enemy of T-shirts. If the neck stretches or the silhouette collapses due to repeated washing, the print may peel off due to strong friction.
The most gentle washing method for T-shirts is hand washing. Use a hand-washing detergent and gently wash with warm water. After that, it is important to drain the water and dehydrate it lightly with a T-shirt between towels.

Drying in the Shade

As I mentioned earlier, T-shirts will be stretched out even with gravity. By simply dehydrating with a towel and reducing the weight of moisture, it prevents the T-shirt from being stretched out. And make sure your original T-shirt is shaded. Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause the print to crack or fade.

Use a Laundry Net

Hand washing is a bit cumbersome, but just not using a washing machine on a t-shirt will make the T-shirt last for a long time. If you use a washing machine, be sure to use a laundry net. In addition, the friction on the print can be reduced by washing your T-shirt inside out. The ideal is to hand wash the original T-shirt, but if it is difficult, use a laundry net.

What should I do ? Troubles and solutions for T-shirts

Here are some of the most common problems with T-shirts and how to solve them. Be prepared to deal calmly with your original T-shirts!

If the original T-shirt is wrinkled, go straight to the bathroom!

If your T-shirt has wrinkles, go straight to the bathroom. Put your original T-shirt on a hanger in the bathroom and enjoy the bath. The T-shirt absorbs the moisture contained in the steam and stretches to the point where wrinkles are not noticeable.

It’s okay to have spots on your T-shirt! Eliminate with an Indian Technique

IF you have a stain on your t-shirt

If the stain is made, the original T-shirt will be spoiled. In such a case, if you have bleach and a mug, it will go away quickly. First, put bleach in a small dish. Then, pour hot water of about 90 ℃ (=194 F) into the mug and put stain part over the mug.
Simply apply bleach to the toothbrush and apply it to the stain. Wait about 10 seconds and use a toothbrush to wash away in hot water. Then the stain will disappear beautifully.

Stubborn Stains

Curry could be a stubborn stain. In fact, curry stains disappear beautifully when sun-dried. The cause of curry stains is turmeric, and the turmeric pigments fall off with ultraviolet rays. This sun-drying is a common practice in India. Impressive, India.


It is best to store all T-shirts in a closet, not just original T-shirts. It is said that T-shirts are folded at most apparel shops. A little ingenuity will keep your original T-shirt clean.
Please practice the latest storage techniques and troubleshooting methods introduced in this article!