Definitely pleased! 20 thoughtful handmade gift ideas!

“I want to give my loved ones and friends the only hearty handmade gift in the world on the anniversary!”

However, I don’t know what to make when it is handmade …

Have you ever given up those thoughts? ?

This time, I would like to introduce 20 ideas of handmade gifts that you may be make others happy.

If you give only one handmade gift to the world that you have made with all your heart, it will definitely be a wonderful memory on an important anniversary for you and your loved ones.

Please take time to read this article.

Ideal for birthdays and celebrations! Handmade cakes

Among the many sweets, handmade cakes are one of the most popular and pleasant homemade gifts.

If you are giving sweets for a birthday or celebration, a handmade cake are a perfect item.

If you wrap with beautiful decorations, it will be very suitable as a full-fledged gift.

Easy but pleased! Homemade cookies

It’s hard to make a sweet like a birthday cake since it’s difficult to do. If you’re like that, make handmade cookies for a present.

Simply punching the dough and baking it will be a warm and handmade gift.

Once you get used to it, try putting a letter on it or trying out an ice box cookie that combines two types of dough.

Don’t forget the stylish wrapping!

Looks simple and luxurious! Handmade tarts


Tart is also a recommended sweet for handmade gifts.

Surprisingly, it can be made in a short amount of time and looks gorgeous.

Choose the sweets which your loved ones love as gifts.

This is a chance to show off your handmade prowess and show off girly skills.

Easy to make but simple! Handmade baked goods

Baked sweets such as madeleines and muffins are also delicious sweets for presents.

The appeal of baked goods is that they are not only relatively easy to make, but also easy to make it better to look.

A variety of baked goods can be made simply by devising toppings, ingredients and baking methods.

Basically just mixing the dough according to the recipe and baking it, it is a sweet that even beginners can easily challenge.

Sweet lovers are pleased!
Mousse or Bavarian cream

Many sweets lovers love melting mousse and bavarian cream.

It takes a little time and does not last long, but why not try a little hard work to make it?

Topping with fresh seasonal fruits will improve the taste and satisfaction ♪

A classic item of knitting! Hand-knitted scarf

An indispensable item in the cold season, the muffler.

Even if it is a simple single-color muffler, it would be nice if you could give it out as a gift since it takes a lot of work to knit a muffler.

In any case, your loved ones may be pleased if you use a trendy color or give a reusable design so that they will wear it all the time.

It is a recommended choice for handmade gifts in the cold season.

Hand warmers and gloves for those who ride bicycles and motorcycles

Hand warmers and mittens that warm your hands out of clothing during the cold season are handy.

In particular, it is no exaggeration to say that it is an indispensable item for those who ride bicycles and motorcycles to school or commuting.

Only the practical items are nice, and the people whom are given gifts to are happy, and above all, you can expect them to be worn every day.

Like the muffler, this is a must-have item for winter hand-knitted gifts.

Also highly useful as a fashionable item! Hand knitted hat

From beginners to advanced handmade creators, you can make them according to your knitting skills.

The point is that it can be worn for a relatively long time, not only in midwinter but from the beginning of the autumn breeze to the beginning of spring.

In addition to overcoming the cold, this item will be appreciated by those who enjoy fashion.

Since it can be made with 2 or 3 balls of yarn, it is easy to work on it.

Just combine the materials! Cellphone Strap/Charm

When everyone has an iPhone or android phone, why don’t you make a cellphone strap or charm if you want to give them the items they can use all the time?

The strap is available in stores, and the materials can be found at low prices at handicraft stores and Dollar stores.

If you want to make something a little more appealing, try creating original works with plastic boards and felt.

Try to make it with your own ideas openly, while thinking of the person you are giving the gift to.

Make your message visible! Message Card

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Message cards are a way to express your thoughts for important people, such as everyday appreciation, messages of support, and feelings you want to convey.

The feature of the message card is that you can make various ideas, such as putting a photo, drawing an illustration, cutting it out, and creating a three-dimensional device.

Surprise can be delivered the moment you open the card, or you can leave a message for a long time.

It plays an active part when you give the message card along with a gift.

Because it is an item always stays with us! Cellphone Cases

The number of cellphone users is increasing, and there are fewer people who don’t have.

There are many people who love fashionable cellphone cases to protect their equipment.

If the person you want to give a gift to doesn’t have a cellphone case, why not give it as a gift?

It is difficult to make by hand using leather and felt, but just decorating a solid ready-made product can be a great gift ♪

If you want them to wear it all the time! Handmade Accessories

Accessories such as piercings, earrings and necklaces can be worn all the time.

Accessories are recommended for gifts that may be worn by loved ones for a long time.

It’s easy to make, just buy the basic parts of the chain and earrings, and connect the decorative parts with round rings, T-pins and wires.

Resin and metal fittings are popular, but if you care about it, you can make stylish accessories even if you use materials you find in Dollar stores to glue them together.

Try to make original accessories that will be appealing.

If you want to share your memories! Handmade Photo Album

How about a photo album that you can share memories with as a gift for those who usually act and play together?

Every time you turn the page, the days and memories that you enjoyed revived.

In addition to decorating the exterior of the album, you can devise the arrangement of photos, write on each page, and draw illustrations.

It is also recommended to include a message card.

Recommended for liquor lovers! Fruit Wine

“I want to give a special surprise present!” If so, why not give a handmade fruit sake?

Plums and apricots are a classic fruit liquor that many people make at home, but in fact they can be pickled from fruits such as pineapples and strawberries, to yuzu, lemons, vegetables such as bitter melons and tomatoes.

Let’s surprise them with grown-up gifts using the material that strikes the intention!

For those who like tea! Handmade Cup

You can actually make handmade cups? It seems like highly crafty. You may think that, but in fact, handmade kits are available in stores.

Designs with cute illustrations, caricatures, name inserts, messages, and such to make a great gift!

A gift for those who like tea and drink well.

Refresh your room! Preserved Flower

Foliage plants and fresh flowers are great for the interior, but they don’t last that long and are hard to take care of.

In such a case, why not give a preserved flower?

Once you buy your favorite flowers and dehydrate it, you can finish it with special preservation solution and coloring solutions.

You can also create flowers that do not exist in nature, such as blue roses.

Let’s create a fantastic world with your own originality and wrapping.

Original fragrance

Essential oils made with natural oils extracted from nature that can be expected to have various effects such as deodorizing, antibacterial and relaxing effects.

How about giving original scents in your own combination special for your loved one as a gift?

In addition to enjoying the scent, you can also give the power of essential oils as gifts.

It is also recommended to give the diffuser together as gifts and enjoy it in their rooms.

Actually it is very easy to make! Handmade Candle

Handmade candles are items that make your room a fantastic space and enjoy the scent and flames.

If you want to enjoy your private time, you can relax when you use in your room or you can read focusing intensively.

In fact, you only need candles, essential oils, and containers, and you can make them with the ingredients that are sold at Dollar stores.

It’s not too difficult to add gradations and original decorations.

Anyone can easily make full-fledged handmade candles that are sold in stores. Let’s surprise your loved ones by giving amazing candles as gifts.

Greater than you can imagine! Handmade Wine

Now is the time when wine can be easily made by hand. If you have your favorite fruit juice, wine yeast, and small tools, you can make delicious wine without much hassle.

Wine kits with the necessary tools are also available at a low price. The charm of handmade wine is its taste.

Commercially available wines contain a lot of additives, and they have a miscellaneous taste and a bad aftertaste.

Wine made with natural ingredients has a refreshing and fruity taste so that you can understand the difference if you take a sip, and those who give it will be surprised.

Why don’t you try handmade wine as a little present for adults?

With a wish! Power Stone Bracelet

A power stone bracelet made by combining stones with various meanings can be made simply by combining stones and passing rubber string through them.

It’s a very simple gift, but the important thing is the process of choosing stones!

It is important to select stones with wishes one by one while thinking about the person who will give the gift to.

It is said that you will not choose a stone that is not suitable, so it is OK if you choose a stone with a straight and clear heart.

Give a handmade gift out to your loved ones!

I have introduced various examples of handmade gift ideas. How was it?

Although making a handmade gift may seem like it is hard to make and you may feel overwhelmed, it is surprisingly easy and inexpensive to try if you actually try it.

What is important is the fact that it took a lot of time and effort.