[Final Version] Easy Makeover! How to Do a Makeover to Your T-shirt Cuter!

A T-shirt is a standard item that many people have.

But what do you do with the T-shirts that have stains on or frayed? Sometimes I hesitate to throw away my favorite things.

In that case, I recommend you to do a makeover it with a little effort. Here’s how to do a stylish makeover.

Just cut it! Cut & Sew Style

In the case of crew-neck T-shirts, if you wash them many times, the neck part often gets loose. In that case, I recommend you to cut your neck and do a makeover.

It’s good to cut it big like in the picture, or cut it like a V-neck. This makeover method is easy to do even for clumsy people because you can do it just by cutting.

Cut Off the Sleeves and Make Them Into French Sleeves

Just like around the neck, sleeves are easy to get loose. Just cutting the sleeves will make a great makeover.

The unfinished design gives an impression of being used to it. Also check out the logo and printed T-shirts which might look childish, then you can change them into a more mature look when you do this makeover.

Fringe Style Makeover

When it comes to an unique makeover that isn’t really the same with others, it’s fringe style.

The hem is designed like a fringe. Beginners tend to think it’s difficult to make, but it’s surprisingly easy to make.

Make a cut on the hem distancing 5 mm [0.2 inch] each as much as you like and tie it tightly next to each other. Then, make a tight knot with the other one and it’s done. I recommend making 16 ~ 20 cuts.

Frill Sleeve T-Shirt Just Cut and Tie the Sleeves

If you get tired of makeovers just by cutting, I recommend this one.

Cuffs are cut off and sewn together like frills. A simple T-shirt gives a feminine impression.

When you cut off the sleeves, you cut them off near the seams and sew your favorite fabric around the seams. Even if it’s a little distorted, you won’t be bothered by the frilled sleeves.

If You Are Skilled, You Can Design It With Fringes On The Sleeves Or With Cuts

If you are good with your hands, I recommend you to do a makeover to your sleeves with fringes or cuts.

Here she made stars and motifs with cuts here. She cut the sleeves to do this makeover so that the skin can be seen.

It is a relatively easy makeover because you only need to cut it once you have decided the shape.

Shoulder Cut Style T-Shirt

The shape of the T-shirt is the same, and the shoulder part is cut and to show the skin.

If it’s a simple T-shirt makeover, it looks cute not just by cutting, but also by putting a ribbon or gathering.

Good at Sewing? Makeover by Sewing Two T-shirt Together

This one looks difficult.

Since you sew them together half at a time, a T-shirt with the same design is fine, but if it’s a T-shirt with a similar size, you can do a makeover with them.

After cutting it, you just need to sew it up, so it’s surprisingly easy. Half length-wise is fine, and half width-wise is also good.

Recently popular Tassel-style Makeover

Just like the fringe style makeover, cut the hem distancing 5mm [0.2 inch] width each. You put several of them together, tie them with threads or strings of the same color, and it’s done.

It will look cuter if you don’t cut it too deep.

Put T-shirts and Shirts Together! Also Becomes a Dress

We recommend combining a T-shirt and a shirt to make it look like a dress.

It’s a check pattern here, but you just need to tie a striped shirt or a shirt with a flower pattern you like.

You can show it a little from the hem or make it look like a dress. It’s a relatively simple makeover because you only need to sew it.

Plain T-shirts Look Great With Colored or Tie-Dyed

Plain T-shirts are easy to color and tie dye.

This is professional indigo dyeing, but you can find dyeing kit in the market. As long as you follow the procedure, even an beginner can dye.

These makeovers have an exciting feeling that you won’t know until you finish them, so it’s a way to enjoy the makeover process.

Let’s Go Out With a Makeover T-shirt

As I mentioned, doing a makeover with T-shirts is surprisingly easy.

If you like the design or color, it’s a waste to throw it away, so I recommend you to remake it into a new T-shirt.