At Least Once I Want to Hold It! My Dream Brand-name iPhone Case

There might be many people who have their favorite brand of clothes, but what brand of case do you wear for iPhone which you carry every day? This time, I would like to introduce brands for iPhone cases that everyone wants to have at least once.

Hard to Miss! Monogram [Louis Vuitton]

First, the brand which everyone knows Louis Vuitton. The iPhone case lineup is centered around a folio of popular “monogram canvas”.

iPhone 7 Plus & 8 Plus Folio

Source: Louis Vuitton Official Site

This impressive model features a brightly colored lining and elegant design with an impression of “Louis Vuitton City Guide” on top of the Louis Vuitton icon Monogram Canvas. It’s thin and protective.

iPhone Folio 7 Plus & 8 Plus My LV World Tour

Source: Louis Vuitton Official Site

The design of the travel trunks and hotel stickers was inspired by “Gaston Louis Vuitton” ‘s private collection. The symbolic design is an impressive model.

LV Epi iPhone X & XS Folio

Source: Louis Vuitton Official Site

Elegant design with sophisticated “Epi Leather” is highly recommended for women. It also features innovative mounting methods and features that are thin yet durable.

Cute Brand iPhone Case [Kate Spade New York]

If you’re looking for a cute brand-name iPhone case, check out “Kate Spade New York”. Just having a girly design will make you feel gorgeous.


Source: Amazon

This iPhone case is made of luxurious Safiano leather, which is synonymous with “Kate Spade New York”. All operations are possible with the case attached, so it is easy to use.

Protective Hardshell REVERSE HOLLY HOCK

Source: Amazon

This clear case with a pop design goes well with any fashion. If you want to enjoy the design of the iPhone itself, it’s a great case.

Liquid Glitter Good TIMES

Source: UNiCASE

A limited model with a cute back case with sparkling glitter (UNiCASE limited model). If you’re a fan of pop and cute designs, this might be the iPhone case you would want.

For Those Who Want a Slightly Mature Taste [GUCCI]

Among the high brands, “GUCCI” can create a mature taste. It’s an iPhone case with good taste, and it’s recommended for people who want to feel like a grown-up.

Flora Print iPhone X/XS Case

Source: Gucci official online shop

This eye-catching neon iPhone case is inspired by the theme of the latest collection, the 80’s. The floral motif print is a nice accent.

Ophidia iPhone 8 Plus Case

Source: Gucci official online shop

“GG pattern” which is a symbol of Gucci “Ophidia iPhone 8 Plus Case”. The “GG Sprim Canvas” used in the material is said to be a natural material with consideration for the global environment.

Cat iPhone X/XS Case

Source: Gucci official online shop

This iPhone case features a leather case engraved with Gucci’s symbol “GG pattern” and a Crystal Eye metal cat from the latest collection. This model is only available in Japan.

Simple or pop? Which One Do You Choose? [PRADA]

A leading Italian fashion brand “PRADA”. It is a high-quality and elegant product, yet it is characterized by innovative materials and innovative designs that drive trends.

PRADA Safiano Leather Notebook iPhone 7/8 Case

Source: BUYMA

A notebook iPhone case made of Prada’s premium Safiano leather. It’s a simple, timeless design iPhone case for grown-ups with a premium feel and a nice touch. Also, it has a pocket to store cards and commuter passes, so it is very functional.

PRADA Saphiarnoks

This iPhone case also uses Saffiano leather, a pronoun of Prada, so it has a luxurious feel and can be used for a long time. In particular, the black case and silver logo models are very popular and need to be checked.

Safiano Leather iPhone X Case

Source: BUYMA

This is the new 18 AW iPhone X case. Although there are not many cases of PRADA compatible with iPhone X, it is a very popular model. PRADA is a design with leather strip logos that can create elegance with vivid colors.

Simple and Functional Brand iPhone Case [Michael Kors]

Last but not least, this is the “Michael Kors” which is one of the most functional branded iPhone cases. The design is simple but easy to use, so once you use it, you’ll get hooked on it.


Source: Marui’s online shopping

An iPhone case made of Safiano leather, a color block accented with the Michael Kors brand logo. It’s a slim, folded case that can hold cash and cards, yet it has a stylish design.

ELECTRONIC NOVELTY Cellphone Case iPhone X

Source: Michael Kors Online Store

The metallic crystal design is one of the freshest Michael Kors iPhone cases. If you’re looking for a well-designed iPhone case, this is the case to go. It’s also compatible with iPhone X.

ELECTRONIC LEATHER Folio Cell Cover iPhone7

Source: Michael Kors Online Store

An iPhone case with impressive star-shaped studs. Made of high quality sapphire leather with a brand logo. This also has a fold design and high functionality, so it’s a perfect model for everyday use.

Try a Brand-name iPhone Case

Here’s a look at some of the most popular brand-name iPhone cases. If you’re a little intimidated by clothes and bags, you can always get an iPhone case. Take this opportunity to try out a brand-name iPhone case.