[How to fix zippers] Solutions when “Zippers have come off! It won’t close! It’s broken! But repair would be too expensive!”

Have you ever had this kind of experience with zippers?

“That’s right! Let’s wear a freshly-packed hoodie a while back♪ With this kind of fashion coordination ~ how will I look like when I close the zipper in the front? (Trying to close the zipper in front of the mirror)

Hmm?! This zipper is hard to close (sweat), won’t close …

Ahhhh! ! ! (Only the lower part is lost and X-shaped) OMG, I just bought it (tears)

However, it would cost too much if I bring it into a repair shop to be repaired, so where should I go? I want to fix it by myself, but I have no tools.
I want to fix it easily without taking time and effort! ! !

What should I do? ? ? “

In such a case, we will teach you how to fix a zipper quickly and easily.

3 Things You Should Know About the Zipper Structure and Slider Mechanism

Before we start, first you should understand the structure and mechanism of the zippers. There are three main types of zippers:

  1. Metal zipper (left picture) made of metal
  2. Plastic screw zipper (middle picture)
  3. Resin zipper (right picture) made of coiled resin

You often see “metal zippers” used in many clothing such as jeans. All are familiar shapes.

And the structure of the zipper is roughly divided into the following four parts.

The “bottom stop” is where the zipper starts. A “tape” connects fabrics together. “Teeth/chain” plays the role of connecting tapes. “Slider” closes the element.

The zipper is bent by a slider and meshed with the principle of a gear to close (pull up). Conversely, pull the slider down to open it.

By the way, the slider has a structure like this, although I don’t think a lot of us won’t have many opportunities to see it. It has a shape of a diamond.

If you know these things, it would be easier for you to determine quickly which parts are broken. In short, zippers are “disengaged” from “coming off”.

[How to fix a zipper] If a zipper has come off

It is common to have the case when the lower part of the slider opens even if the zipper is closed and then the zipper opens up like an X-shape. Here are two methods that can help you in these unexpected and annoying situations.

How to fix using Needle-Nose Pliers (also known as radio pliers)

If you don’t have needle-nose pliers (also known as radio pliers), you may find it at a dollar store. There should be a lot of opportunities to use it so you would find it very handy to keep at home.

Let’s see how to fix it with needle-nose pliers !

1. The zipper has come off from the bottom. It is shaped in X…

2. Turn the zipper over and it looks like this.

3. Now here we use needle-nose pliers!

4. Since the lower left and right parts of the slider are open, let’s push the red circle parts lightly with needle-nose pliers. If you use too much pressure, the slider will not move. Continue doing so slowly while checking closely and carefully.

5. Does it look better now? Let’s slide it up!

6. Then move it down to close the part off.

7. how is it? It’s completely closed.

I can not take parts off even if I pull it hard!

8. It’s all done. The repair is completed!

↓ You can check the video here (English)!

How to use a flat-head screwdriver to fix a jammed zipper

This is a case when you have a jammed zipper. Using a flat-head screwdriver, you can remove the fabric from the slider to restore the zipper.

The point is to push the fabric into the gap between the sliders and remove it slowly. Don’t get irritated and break it!

Since it will be quicker to watch the video, please watch it first.

[How to fix the zipper] If a zipper is stuck

There are many cases when zippers get stuck with fabric, such as hoodies and jeans.

When stuck is shallow

  1. Gently pull the stuck part from side to side. Don’t pull it too hard!
  2. Move the zipper slowly toward the opposite direction from the direction which the zipper got stuck. In most cases, this will do the job.

How to deal with different types of “Fabric”

[Soft fabric]

Pull the fabric horizontally and slowly and carefully so that it stretches sideways (horizontally with the zipper).

[Hard fabric]

If the slider or element is warmed lightly with a hair dryer, it becomes a little softer and easier to move.
If you place something thin and flat, such as a ruler or flat-head screwdriver, between the fabric and the zipper, a gap will be created, so you may be able to remove the fabric slowly from there.

[How to fix a zipper] When a zipper doesn’t slide smoothly

New zippers and zippers which have been used for many years may not slide well. In such those cases, let’s try this method.

Apply lip balm

Apply lip balm to a cotton swab and rub lightly to the element. Then try to move the slider several times.

Colored lip balms may cause coloration on clothing, so try using a lip balm that contains as little color as possible.

Insert oil

Applying oil is an effective method for metal zippers. Drop one or two drops of sewing oil or salad oil on a slider or element. Of course, you can use a lubricant spray! Then move the slider several times.

This should make the zipper slide smoothly! Please try.


What did you think?

With these methods, you will be able to deal with situations like when a zipper comes off or when a zipper is stuck with fabric. The point is not to force it to move! Pressing with a controlled power is very important.

It is not too late to try to fix it yourself.