I will teach you a secret technique to restore a loose neckline of a T-shirt.

Isn’t your T-shirt too loose around your neck, seedy and worn out? !

For those of you who have been sad about your favorite T-shirt you bought becoming too loose around your neck, we will teach you a secret technique to restore the stretched/seedy T-shirt neck in just 3 minutes.

The neck of my T-shirt looks like this …

Unfortunately, the neck is stretched out and too loose (-_-;)
Now , my favorite T-shirt makes me sad since it looks like this.

The condition of being stretched around the neck is

The state where the neck is stretched (somehow twisted) means that it is pulled sideways, creating a gap in the weaving of the fabric, leaving extra warps and uneven waves.

If the neck is stretched and loose, it looks loosely and cleanliness is gone.

I put it on the washing net and washed it in the hand washing course when I used a washing machine, but unfortunately it got too loose. “I want to wear it for a long time because it was my favorite T-shirt !!”

That feeling gets stronger. There may be many people who have the same feeling.


So, today I will teach you the best tricks to restore your favorite T-shirt.

All you need is an iron and 3 minutes and anyone can easily fix the stretched neck beautifully.

What you need to restore the neck

Only these two things you need!!

  • Steam iron (please add water before you use it)
  • Ironing board

It is an essential tool for housework, probably in any household. Almost everyone has. Even if you buy it, you only pay less than $100.

Use a hot steam iron

Let’s get started! We’ll use a steam iron to eliminate the stretched neck.

①. Set the temperature of the iron to “high” with the steam and wait until it warms up.

②. Gently squeeze the T-shirt around the stretched neck with your fingers and pull it vertically.

③. While applying plenty of steam, lightly press with the iron from the top (Just a gentle touch. No need to press hard).

Because the iron and steam are hot, be careful not to burn yourself !!

With FUN ironing, the beautiful look of your T-shirt comes back!

Wow …

NOW you can see, the neck is beautifully restored! ! !

It looks like a brand new T-shirt now.

How was it? You can wear a T-shirt comfortably again after the stretched is completely fixed.

It was SUUUUPER easy and I was even sad that I never knew about this method for a long time.

Please try this method and fix your favorite T-shirt with a stretched neck by yourself.

It can be difficult to fix depending on the condition and fabric types of the T-shirt. I used a T-shirt today which is made of 100% cotton fabric. Modifications are at your own risk. Please be careful not to burn yourself and your T-shirt.